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PB: remember that one of Orwell's key insights was simply that the language we use matters.

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Are you excited about ActivityPub, the federated social network protocol used to connect together decentralized Web sites? You should be -- learn more in this #LibrePlanet talk, "Standardizing network freedom," with Christopher Lemmer Webber @dustyweb:
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I think it's really interesting to follow Dave Winer (inventor of RSS) on Twitter - he's very concerned about the current push towards HTTPS.

He's afraid raising the secrity bar will make the web less open and less accessible. And he's right; adding technical requirements favours the entrenched big players with big budgets.

Dave also fears for the historic web, in the (unlikely?) event that browser vendors actually deprecate HTTP.

I don't agree with everything he says, but the POV has value. Sadly true sighnups peeked then declined. Use is steady but not growing. The level of apathy and negativerty is a trubbaling look at "suicide culture" we live in. and the in general are not healthy for a humanistic eological society. We do need more than a tiny minoraty of to step away. Diversaty is healthy.

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'I've been writing about Google's efforts to deprecate HTTP, the protocol of the web. This is a summary of why I am opposed to it...' โ€“ Dave Winer

Q. so, did it? Did Indymedia go on the Dark Net?

A. Nope it was ripped apart by and geeks on the inside and the pushing on the outside. In the end we stopped caring about what was left.

Have you thought of the "power polatics" impact of the spread of "codes of conducts" its good to empower people... Its dangerous to give people. "hard rules" to hit each other. The is a long disgusting history of the second happening? So are the better ways to empower people?

Why would I say and do all the stuff for the last 20 years if I did not think it mattered.

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Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap


Q. But that isn't encryption.

A. HTTPS with a self signed cirtificate create scary pop up messages that are disaster for outreach. The aggregation/RSS is As I said they overlap. The theam of control...

Trying to mix open and closed is not a simple thing.

The of complexity/obscurantism building tools for themselves not wider social groups.

The mainstream media lazy/careerist "journalism" on tech (and everything).

feeding lifestyle feeding media feeding society circle.

It's all a bit "suicidal"

Nice to see the networks as a stepping away from this mess.

How to hold out a hand to help others take a step back to the

A. Did Indymedia go on the Dark Net? I didn't realise there were people advocating for this ...

Q. Self sighed cirtificates/not logging IP on indymedia servers. Both were security thorter imposed by with out consensus or open process.

of federated decentralison vier RSS aggregation. They went as far as implementing there own version of RSS which talked to nobody else at the UK site.

The stupiditerty is still mainstream at every event you go to. The still defines and shapes almost all projects. The still recycling and "monetarise" this crap to build their careers/self worth. We are only thinking about "stepping away" from the

We are in a mess, good to say this as we won't move till we hear this as a mainstream story.

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Bias in BBC reporting isn't new and in the broadcast era before the internet people would just believe whatever appeared on TV or radio and assume it was an honest account. These days there are many more sources of information, including directly from protagonists and so it's possible, if you're paying attention, to spot the ways in which some news organisations twist information to serve a particular agenda.
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Just donated 20โ‚ฌ to #GnuPG for keeping it real. They have only received 41โ‚ฌ in May so far, which is ridiculously low given the importance of that project. Please help out if you can:

(Really angry to see this shit blowing up on mainstream media now, this will be a frustrating week...)