The mess we are in a different look at the
Egypt's New Capital is an Ozymandian Nightmare

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Yea change in perspective. And also help by people with different backgrounds / skillsets. In other words diversity in the community + active contributors to the project.

This starts with FOSS devs acknowledging that and being open for it. And then community organization becomes more important. What is the set of tools that allows people to collaborate in the best ways? This has always been challenging, of course.

And where fedi can be makerspace :)

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NGOs are political and work to preserve and uphold those structures and processes they used to project influence.

Also #NotForProfits are for profit. A person profits by being employed by them.

They exist perfectly in CorporateState Totalitarianism, and are very active in crushing genuine innovation.


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"Go google it" is horrible advice in an era where search engines' top results are those who game the algorithm the most, and Google tailors different search results to every user.

So if a clueless person searches about topics like transphobia or racism, they might actually find transphobic or racist results, and in the end your "educate yourself, don't bother me" approach actually made it WORSE.

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Use the #4opens to JUDGE projects and then use #4opens process to change/challenge them. Ones that don't shift are compost for the seedlings of the #openweb world we would like to grow. are examples of the workflow.

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@otfrom Agreed.

But moving fast requires everyone to expend resources for moving along at the same speed, if it's infrastructure-like. That excludes everyone with insufficient resources to do so.

I think infrastructure *has* to be reasonably slow to change for that reason, and move in a standardized way.

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@onepict ... most smaller businesses or projects. They're very successful, because techies love silver bullets.

But really, either approach is just a modernised Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. They just replaced the last step with Exploit.

I really wish more tech folk would see this for what it is. I've been working with startups who don't even consider not buying into this mindset.

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@onepict There's a more subtle form of open core, which is the model of kubernetes, docker, ansible, etc. That is to build tech that's so complex that it's nigh impossible to use unless you pay either with a lot of time, or pay for commercial services. It works via selling this way of doing things as the only sensible one, even though simpler alternatives exist and are viable for..

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We need some new ways to join the #Fediverse as the old ones are getting "stale" ideas?

We have not pushed the blogs with #activertypub there a few codebases, but non really inspire.

#Peertube is good, but also kinda socially pointless due to being too much a #dotcons copy.

What are people working on as ways in?

I tried #indymediaback as news path. I think people do not see the #Fediverse as #openweb so think SMALL and think tribal, no bad thing but kinda useless for the big picture.

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How to communicate if the internet is turned off 

@celesteh I was having thoughts along these lines recently. I am expecting that in the coming years there will be attempts to shut down what remains of the "open internet" and that the aim will be for all communications to pass through or be hosted by a few approved and regulated official monopolies. I am hoping that this doesn't happen but this appears to be the direction of travel.

In addition to the short range communications it might be a good idea to encourage more LoRa-wifi access points within cities, so that if internet is unavailable then at least it may still be possible to send text messages from one side of a city to another.

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Those who refuse to use standard user interface elements are doomed to re-implement them poorly.


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Due to an increased amount of spam-signups - new accounts will recruite admin/moderator approval.

You can still invite your friends with your invite link ofcourse

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So how did we get from the gleaming promise of the digital age as imagined in the 70s to the harsh cyberpunk reality of the 20s?

Centralization, rent seeking, planned obsolescence, surveillance, advertising, and copyright.

How do we move forward?

Re-decentralization, a rejection of the profit motive, building for the future/to be repaired, building for privacy, rejecting advertising, and embracing Free software.

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#peertube is #geekproblem but it's better than most managed to get a custom default URL after lost of faffing - It's logical if not obvious #UX

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It's frustrating when a 10 year old computer can't get on facebook or watch 480p on youtube anymore, even thought it could five years ago.

The computer hasn't changed.

Facebook and youtube have become more complicated. They didn't need to, but they could get more complicated because the average computer got faster, and the average internet connection got faster over that time span.

So a computer that could do X lost it's ability to do X as a result of a third party.

That's frustrating.

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