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Back on #boatingeurope after leveling the boat alone for 7 months. Lots of cleaning of mold and spiders webs support at the production of the videos and get to see them early on patron.

Most of the time its useful to just use the name of the org as a for example works fine. Then you get cross fertilization with the org discussion. If you make up a new on each time you end up in a momentary bubble - POP and little affect.

is a core problem we have to overcome if you won't any hope of a happy life for your children.

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Into another Delta! This time our old friend The Rhine. Between the Netherlands and Belgium. We are that blue dot on the map! #boatingeurope #intothewild #rhinedelta #rhineriver #onthemove #maps #naturereserve #nationaalparkdebiesbosch

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We know that there were other economical systems than before it but why are we stuck in it so deep that we can't even conceive the idea of seeking a way out of it as we acknowledge daily confirmations that its disadvantages largely outperform its benefits?

Is it because we are collectively bound by immersion into a practically comfortable myth?
How do we get our head out to breathe?
How do we tell the we need and want?

Lets be clear about the background to the mess we are in. As I can smell brewing, post modernism is a perfect match for neo-liberalism is what am talking about. What are you guys think am talking about?

Its intresting to think about for them to have meaning they need to become a shared social tool. The problem for us is that in the world of its often taken as an act of individual expression. Thus has no function in posative social change and its a mess with no good outcome

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As a general rule if you are doing things which put people first then you will be doing things which capitalism either doesn't care about or actively opposes.

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Its now fashionable to buy a lifeboat. They are not the best boats for open sea but the small ones work well on UK canals and the bigger ones on European inland waterways. You can do coastal with care for the weather.

You can find our 10k 14 country voyage across europe at #BoatingEurope and videos

We all spend to much time worshipping the lets take some time to correct this.

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This is what our nutty friends in the #encryptionists world have been building out for the last 5 years. Artificial scarcerty in #openweb that all there projects come from is direct #deathcult worship. These guys are pushing the dispacent of billions of people and the death of millions over the next 100 years due to ecological disaster #XR

You need to talk to the deluded ones, and directly confront the non deluded ones in the cryptocurrency space.

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The is always a big parasite class gathering around any social Alt as the #mainstreaming has no creativity itself, instead it feeds off the counter currents to keep the mainstreaming heathy. The problem we face is we don't won’t the #deathcult to be heathy. Here we have a source of stress. That is coming up in every conversation.

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The goal of science deniers isn't necessarily to convince you that covid isn't real, or that vaccines are bad for you, or that privacy is overrated, or that there isn't a climate emergency - their goal is to convince you that these things just *can't be known* for sure.

It's a form of weaponized skepticism and it has deep roots, going all the way back (at least) to Darrell Huff's famous HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS a book I held in high esteem...


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If you only push your own point of view and do not build bridges to other groups then you are likely to go nowhere, this is normal. We live in a deepening social poverty on this one. Look around you what do other people need, what do they think, how can I spend some time building a bridge that connects these while not getting lost to paths.

People are up shit creek without a paddle, and they kinda need to look at different places to get out of the mess they are in

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@natecull People were always afraid of AIs, but for the wrong reasons.

Instead of "what if the AI becomes too smart and decides it doesn't want or need humans", the real concern is "what if the AI is really dumb and programmed by really dumb people but people take important decisions based on it's (wrong) conclusions because they think it's smart".

On the subject of apathy and Laissez-faire common sense, we do have a problem, and we need to build, structers that take this problem into account. The is a space for creativity here.

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Having a solution is the smallest step. Turning it into an accepted and widely supported solution - that takes three things. Persistence, Patience and accepting to not be credited. Ideas are bigger than people. Be a catalyst, not a hero.

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