Question did not get through - the Wikimedia Foundation women is by training and community second.

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I prodded them till they turned on chat... asked a question lets see if it gets through. The management side of wikipedia just sounds wrong for the

At the "Reimagine the internet" and its not at all so far with the chat and list.

Update they turned on chat but defaults to only panelists... still asking for list of people watching.

My personal way of looking I ignore all "Buddhist" and "identity politics" as its almost always a waste of social time and space.

Sticking to ideas base on "ideology" and and calling a the tech mess a shitpile and working to build shovels to compost this mess

The libertarian/right wing are making a push into because for the last 10 years the has been building anti-social libertarian code based on the "is no such thing as society" so why code for this thing that does not exist.

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Why is join #peertube such a mess when it comes to moderation?

From time to time I look at it, and *everytime* I do it, I either find instances dedicated to conspiracy theories and/or nazi content.

Why is it like that? Because they want it to be like that or because they lack moderators? If the later, I can help from time to time, and I guess others too.

Little that gets funded is the “future of the internet” example the fediverves and activertypub were booted up on good will and a little crowed funding. At the time huge amounts of Eurocrat money was poured down the drain of pointless tech.

Funders need to notice this problem - and try a focus shift. Yes I understand the is a huge enersher and entrenched interests that are feeding at the funding trough that will be hard to move.


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"state of art” is a pile of techshit. Much of the “art” is 98% adding shit to the pile - see blockchain as an example, has received 100 of million’s in funding, filled hundreds of conferences the last few years.

The smell of this mess is starting to be noticed.

I did a MA disertion on hitch-hiking and vagabonds this video is not far off my findings

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I notice that a lot of #fediverse projects now seem to be funded by the same EU organisation. This doesn't look very diverse.

Right now I don't think it's creating problems, but further down the line it could. We already see a comparable situation where almost all tech conferences and FOSS orgs are funded by GAFAM, and the warped narratives which result.

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I love #mastodon and the #fediverse in general but one thing that would be nice is to be able to, instead of having to sign up with a separate account on another instance of another service, it'd be nice to be able to use oauth or something similar to be able to have a presence on that instance without having an entirely separate account.

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Moderation-as-a-Service, aka federated moderation, I think is a bad idea. Technically it could be done, but thinking more holistically it creates a separation of concerns in the same way that outsourcing does. Where such separation of concerns exists, adversaries can intervene.

If MaaS exists, then perhaps some time later you are mandated to give a remote police department, or government department, moderation capability "to tackle fake news" (or whatever excuse). Or some other organization that you don't trust. You can see where this goes.

I think moderators should be on the same instance that they're moderating, so that whatever decisions they're making also have consequences for themselves and they're directly accountable. When people are not directly accountable then that's when trouble is sure to happen.


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"manufacturers restrict independent repair and repair by consumers through:

-Product designs that complicate or prevent repair;
-Unavailability of parts and repair information;-Designs that make independent repairs less safe;
-Policies or statements that steer consumers to manufacturer repair networks;
-Application of patent rights and enforcement of trademarks;
-Disparagement of non-OEM parts and independent repair;
-Software locks and firmware updates; or
-End User License Agreements."

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For the last 10 years the EU has funded a lot of pointless tech projects. The people and orgs at this event were likely responsible for meany of them

Am going to be talking to them, keeping it polite, ideas for subjects to talk about please.

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The social dilemma - for all its talking to problems says clearly that this problem was created by our "liberals" embracing the the social "we" created this mess with our cat picks and what I had for lunch selfies - we feed and pushed into control the monster that is eating humane outcomes. A first step the people who created this mess accept some "responsibility" and dile down their arrogance and ignorance and push up solutions. Easy, where do we start?

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Human community is always messy - if we build structers which try to constrain this messiness we are in danger of being inhumane.

From "chaos comes order"

For social change/challenge to happen

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