i think i am going to need to write a blog post about why taking money from guilty billionaires and institutions is the most effective way of actually achieving our shared goals of scaling fediverse development up to the same level of competitiveness as the proprietary services.

you see, we need to get *ahead* of those services and start putting out new features they haven't thought of yet. but we need to have all the features they already thought of.

scaling the fediverse to be a serious contender verses facebook/twitter is doable, but it is going to require serious, stable commitments of funding. community fundraising like patreon simply isn't going to scale things up fast enough.
@kaniini It's not really about features. I think @aral had a video about this a while ago. Hubzilla has way more features than Facebook. It could be said that it has too many features. Even gnusocial has more features than Twitter. You can do cashless bartering in gnusocial if you have the right plugin.

The reason why Facebook and Windows 10 have billions of users isn't because they're technically better than alternatives. The UI of Facebook is one of the worst I've ever encountered.

@bob @aral @kaniini that is so true, failbook grew from pushing the werst in human natrture - envey - its something we cannot use in projects.

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