Surveillance Capital 

To hope to tackle surveillance capital you need to understand its origins. It's what happened after the dot com bust in 2001, when companies decided that nobody would pay for web services. There were however people willing to pay for the ability to influence, which is what advertising is about.

Surveillance capital isn't just about surveillance. It's not just about rendering "the market" transparent to certain actors. It's also about altering behavior. "Nudge". The ability to uniquely customise the user experience to each individual, but in a top down way where the individual doesn't decide how that happens.

It's a feedback loop.

The good thing about the fediverse is that while it might be fully transparent the ability to then translate any knowledge gained into influence is far more limited. There is no top down control of timelines. If timeline control happens it will be the user deciding what they want to see, not an advertising company.

To beak surveillance capital decentralized systems in which user agency is primary need to become hegemonic. It's not likely that anyone will talk about this at conferences which are sponsored by Google and Microsoft.

Surveillance Capital 

@bob sums the issue up. Am starting to worry that mastodon outreach is stalling at mainstreaming due to intolerance.

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