The needs a workable non server based single login. Both and google gain advantage from there dominant closed tecnolagy. it's a cross over mainsteam project.

What other options are the currently to acheve this, I need to start to push something soon. Would be good to have a clear understaning first.

Would think this issue would be core to left agenders and would help to create "bridgeing" between a horizontal grouping.

@bob @aral what do you think on this subject and project?

Would this work pure non server based crossover mainstream login?

@Hamishcampbell This sounds similar to Magic Auth in Hubzilla or OpenWebAuth in zot6. The security of this particular scheme would depend on the authentication app and where/how the private key was stored on tge system. If the user can tap on an icon to login then an adversary could also create a bot to send a click signal, so whether this would work as a secure mechanism depends on specifics not described.

Getting the creators of web or p2p apps to all adopt a particular login system is also a tough problem, but it's a worthwhile problem to try to solve after a couple of decades of people claiming that passwords are dead and then proposing flaky and over-complicated alternatives (like yubikeys) or things which aren't secure (like biometrics) but feel like they might be.

I like WebAuthN. To create an account, you upload a publickey of a pair created uniquely for that provider. To log in, the service sends you a thing to sign


Yep, we need to push something... I like this one as its crossover mainstream ie. Its outside the tech/social ghettos that actavists/geeks are stuck in.

As you say trusting your device is not secure, but nothing is, can we get a workable compromise. This project is #4opens and could get us across the open/closed devide thus push the open side back into being relevant.

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