@Hamishcampbell it was never much different, but this is really shameless


I did a little thread on this over on cybre.space .


What bothers me actually is that the Grace 1 is not Iranian, it only transports Iranian oil.

@Hamishcampbell This is actually a bad example. Without getting technical, the two seizures are not comparable from the point of view of maritime law. The first was (if one ignores those #Spanish wingers as one should) most likely a legal seizure, while the second is much more debatable, based on currently known facts. Of course, whether the sanctions against Iran should be enforced in the first place, given that the Americans did not keep their side of the - 1/2

@Hamishcampbell deal, that's a different matter altogether. The #UK government did two things they're extremely good at: 1) fucking up in spectacular manner, and 2) digging themselves into a hole. A better example of tendentious language is the media referring to the #Iranian “regime” which is in fact a fairly open parliamentary democracy, but the #Egyptian “government” (a military junta backed by the West). - 2/2

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