Postmodernism = post truth If you used to like Twin Peaks or Lost you are likly a post truther.

@Hamishcampbell Isn't that the same as saying that enjoying action games makes you a mass murderer? Or enjoying Bioshock makes you a transhumanist?

@ricardojmendez I have the "likely" in there to make this the start of a discushern. Where you have the "makes you" in there to end the discussion? is this a fair view? is this a logical view? can we make judgments like this :)

@Hamishcampbell I guess the key difference is I strictly separate “enjoying” from “being”.

I do think that, up to a point, the content we consume informs the way we think. However, I haven’t seen a strong correlation except when a certain type of content is consumed almost exclusively.

@ricardojmendez yep, i would put more power on the circle "the content we consume informs the way we think." Thus we consume more of that content and become in many ways a mirror of it. This circle also comes from the production of the content etc. We are shaped by society and society thus re-creates us. It's a horror and a delight, and a problem for the western neo-liberal myth of “individualism” as the bedrock of western civilisation. Food for thought.

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