and all the feed from this simple human behavior. Try and be better on the

@Calcifer @vfrmedia in the context am talking about the how is this false? Am intrested in communication :)

@Hamishcampbell the image depicts only two choices; you must choose between simple and wrong or complex and right. That's a false dichotomy because those aren't the only two choices:

There are sometimes simple right answers. There are *often* complex wrong answers. And there are often things for which even right/wrong is an oversimplification


@Hamishcampbell you seem to be assuming that I have any point beyond "this image represents a false dichotomy; and in fact is a fantastic example of it which I will likely use in course materials"


@Calcifer @vfrmedia ok intresting conversation am talking about the your taking about a picture. As i started the conversation its good neticate to stay on subject as am really not talking about what your talking about :) this reminds me of meany "conversations" on dont you think we need to do better on the

@Hamishcampbell you can absolutely talk about a detail of an argument without being off-topic, just as you're doing now. The argument the image makes is a bad argument regardless of if you agree with the conclusion

The purpose of a discussion about an issue is in part to help make your arguments better, after all, don't you think?


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