@Hamishcampbell @novaramedia
@Hamishcampbell , you are the admin of that instance? im strugling about the content of the instance where i live, is an experiment from @coletivos.org , people using it are not exacly my "round table", because was first instance in portuguese- so lots of brasilians.. my question: shall i open another account in another instance, or just try to follow from here (my local cronology not very interesting- to resume)- opinions?

@freenando75 @novaramedia @coletivos.org you can open another account the set a moved notice in place. Yep am admin of two mastodon instances.

@adinfinitum @freenando75 @novaramedia good point its down let me look at it. if you find issues here use the report fuction otherwise they might not get fixed :)

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