If you need to know what a priest of the looks like, here are 3 neo-liberal monsters do you recognize them? Maybe you voted for one? Do you have a spade? If you have media, process, programming skills you can dig here

@Hamishcampbell The largest estimate for Iraq is roughly 1 million, and that's very uncertain. More than 2 million is beyond ridiculous, and more than 1 million is worst case scenario. These wars don't kill as many people as ppl sometime presume. Instead, what happens is that people are mentally- and physically injured for life, generations lose their chance for education and a normal life, and things like health and welfare plummet. The sum of small things are the worst.

@amici got a feeling the image is adding in the infrastructure failure over the time and the economic failings on mortality hard to quantify these numbers?

@Hamishcampbell Bill Clinton is frowning and smiling at the same time!

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