The project has a wide international team working on it. With the rolling out of the first codebase testing sites we are looking for people who are interested in making grassroots media work. There are more codebases under development, please sign up here if interested in finding out more and making connections with the codeing to help build grassroots media.

[subdomain] is available for deployment but I need some #sysadmin support!
Currently, I have a #sharedhosting acc. w/ #email, some #hubzilla instances + a dodgy setup of #xmpp & a #nextcloud that I cannot save too!!
Oh & did I mention I manage this mostly on old #tech, crappy #solar & #mobiledata

@adinfinitum running a server on old hardware, solar power and mobiledata is a challange @bob might injoy - would be a good example if it works :)

?? Is your #Epicyon has a #Matrix channel offline??
for a while now, I think?

@adinfinitum @msaunders we could do a epicphion native news code instalation which would be easey for maintunanc? Maybe we could train our new guy Urawn how to set it up or @bob think hand holding is needed at this stage of the rollout?

@Hamishcampbell @adinfinitum @msaunders @bob The toughest part of hosting an Epicyon instance is not so much installing the software as things like getting a domain name, dynamic DNS, port forwarding, etc.

Yes, I see this as being a major barrier.
The issue with shared hosting generally not allowing root access is my main concern.
@Hamishcampbell @msaunders

The primary hurdle I am seeing with most folks here n abouts, is the apparent lack of "general knowledge" of how things other than the blue like button, birdsite & the red data mining button are used.
& worse still, many seem uninterested in learning!
Does anyone have any sort of #reorientationtools ? #howtos that can #degeek this little bug!!
@Hamishcampbell @msaunders

@adinfinitum @bob @Hamishcampbell @msaunders Knowledge about how the internet works was uncommon before Facebook, and in the last 15 years with the appearance of The Cloud and the centralisation of everything what remained of the open web became a small island.

Most people who learn how the internet works now are trained in centralised thinking. How to run things in warehouses and how everything must scale. Scale comes from the need for "sustainability" and advertising profit.

So there are not so many people now who know how the internet works from a non-corporate perspective, where the goal is not money or power. It's like being a member of a lost tribe with forgotten knowledge of a distant era.

Yes. Agreed.
This is one of the #geekproblem issues, I think.

Our idea being to Prettify & Simplify
but also to "Take the Geek Back!"
#LoveLinux #betheflow #freeasinpuppy
@Hamishcampbell @msaunders

Senõr, with the greatest of respect, I am merely seeking to deploy some workable replicable solutions for general purpose comms. & community collaboration tools - that can be utilised at a local level & cross-platform

& I think we ALL know the many & varied problems we currently face, as we enter our brave new world!
Maybe time to turn it around?
@Hamishcampbell @msaunders

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