The Fediverse should get rid of the addictive dark patternes that were copied from Twitter & co


I wonder if the writer of this article has checked out brutaldon they might really like it! (is that you? I am unsure from context my b).

It has the option for pagination instead of infinite scrolling among other things



I think starting to think about "defanging" the dark patterns of corporate social media apps is extremely important but I also think that in the end the conversation has to evolve to a much more subtle point.

Corporate social media preys upon users with addictive dark patterns and that is clearly a bad thing.

However, if you remove the corporation and just have an addictive drug then we enter the murky waters of the ethics of drug use and judging what other people use to cope.



Is using a fediverse app designed to be less addictive better for me than using an addictive fediverse app?

Of course

... However if I am in a mental headspace where I am searching for something addictive to cope with depression, anxiety, exhaustion etc.. is an addictive fediverse app where I end up talking to yall better than alternatives?

I mean I dunno, thats where the question gets really interesting.



@Alonealastalovedalongthe @djoerd
really good points.

we live in a world of widespread digital addiction so to help people move to the with out digital drugs we would need a huge social work/cold Turkey structure which simply do not exist.

This movement can be seen as the Nancy Reagan "just say no to drugs" campaign. Ie. dangerously pointless.

its complex, we need to build bridges and hold them in place.


@Hamishcampbell @Alonealastalovedalongthe @djoerd The addiction dynamic of the techzaibatsu is something which gives them an advantage against more ethical alternatives. It's what locks people into Twitter, eager to see their likes and follower numbers going up. Via the algorithmic timeline they can mathematically optimize how addicted people become on an individualised basis.

Outside of the trash heap which is Twitter, we don't want people to be addicted to attention grabbing clickbait but we do hope that they at least have a more pleasant or less combative experience. More social and less "fix bayonets".

But trying to do things more ethically does mean that if given the choice many people will go for the clickbait and numbers-go-up sites. It's something we need to be aware of when considering outreach strategies.



"its complex, we need to build bridges and hold them in place."

Wells said

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