So I've been wondering what kind of app to build on top of go-fed for a long while. A straightforward forum seems like a good start. However, with dipping my toes back into Eve Online, I think there's an opportunity to take a forum idea further. Just brainstorming...

Eve Online in-game communities have an asymmetrical organization problem. People organize into Corporations. Corporations organize into Alliances. Those are in-game mechanics. Out of game, Alliances organize into coalitions.


@cj Eve Online is cpitalisam tooth and claw... worth a though on that one when thinking of the fedivers

@cj we are looking for coders to build which is a much closer match to the fedivers.

@Hamishcampbell the top elite PvP alliance the first 6 years (BOB) was full blown ascetic communism. It goes through phases.


@cj the code is idelogical this game is pure neo-liberal capitalisam - must be some articals somewere on this?

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@Hamishcampbell FYI:

The game code is just both "market-based" and "contract-based" (which can be bartering). It's capitalistic in that players control most of the economy, but there's actually no "capital begets more money" system -- you have to actually do work to get any sort of reward (which may not be money). The developers hate passive income, though there are very limited ways to do it in small amounts.

If players offer each other ROIs, it's 99% a scam (legal in the game). Take the $ and run.

@Hamishcampbell The articles are hard to find but Evolution is well-known as the core BOB group and is very much a group practicing some form of communalism for nearly the entire length of the game (~18 years now?)

Here's a talk from a guy who wrote books on it. He calls early BOB "fascist" because despite their economic communism, the political structure was indeed run by 1 dude at the time.

@cj all code is ideology solidified into action - the game is capitalisam, yes you can try and play any ideolagy ontop of this code but the outcome and assumptions are pre-programed... cant find any good links on this.

@Hamishcampbell I hear ya, but hey I guess that means it's a watered-down training wheel version of attempting to doing the same in real life? IRL seems to have an ideological bent in the same way as the code...

@Hamishcampbell Anyway, my main point was simply thinking about connecting the human beings that play the game with each other, as a concrete usecase example.

I understand it isn't exciting for you, and those gamers are probably not your target audience...

@cj @Hamishcampbell yep #activertpub would work well for that - but it would likly need to be built into the game engine?

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell I was thinking of keeping it entirely external from the game. Just independent forum software, that can use eve's API for tools.

Those tools then let the small grassroots groups of gamers in the game begin to compete against the megablobs, who today have the centralized forums and mega tools in their custom non-federating code.

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell But don't confuse my idle thoughts here for commitment nor action... this is only just thinkin'. My actual efforts are elsewhere.

@cj its an intresting subject, have a brouther who is a old school Eve player am going off the few conversations I have had with him on the subject.

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