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I want to talk about the poor marketing of climate change
for the last 30 years.

1. The planet isn’t in danger; we are in danger

2. The planet has been through worse; we have not.

3. It's not being obsessed with nature; it's being obsessed
with surviving

4. It shouldn't be “do you care about the environment?” It
should be “do you care about your environment?”

5. It's not global warming; it’s forced climate

6. It’s not controversial; it’s currently happening,
measurably. As predicted.

7. The planet doesn't care if we step up and heroically
change course, it'll be fine. We won't be.

8. The most nationalistic, selfish thing to do is ensure our
power and health is to keep the oil in the ground; it also
happens to be the most globalistic and humanitarian thing
to do as well.

9. Scientists aren't begging us to do anything; they are just
looking out the window and telling us the forest is on fire,
and holding the blinds open so we can see.

10. The climate isn’t an issue. It’s the one issue that
contains every single other issue.

Would you rather survive in a world without joy, or die early after using your life to the fullest?

@wolf480pl @Hamishcampbell I would rather fight for a world where everyone can live their lifes fullest, including the generations to come

@tommy @Hamishcampbell
AFAIU, all ways of preventing the climate change for which it's not too late involve going 100% renewable, and reducing energy consumption. Wouldn't that reduce our standard of living? Wouldn't that mean you have to adjust your electricity usage to the weather?

@wolf480pl @tommy @Hamishcampbell You probably don't produce many emissions.

The top 10% of wealthy people emit 50% of all emissions. The top 1% emit 15% by themselves. cbsnews.com/news/carbon-footpr

Worries about your standard of living going into decline are a red herring designed to get middle class people to defend the wealthy's standard of living.

You don't have to "give up" anything unless you are already at the very top.

@urusan @tommy @Hamishcampbell
wait but that also confirms that I can't do anything meaningful about climate change, yay \o/

@wolf480pl @tommy @Hamishcampbell Solarpunk is what combining eco-friendliness and reasonable equality looks like. We would ideally bring more people out of poverty instead of freezing the bottom 90% where they are and bringing the top 10% back down to Earth.

All I'm pointing out is that the typical person is not as guilty as they've been made out to be and a reasonable middle class lifestyle isn't what's destroying the planet.

@urusan @tommy @Hamishcampbell

Well Solarpunk is all like "we live in harmony with nature, using electricity when sun shines, and when the weather is bad things run out of juice and turn off" and IMO that's not reasonable.

@urusan @wolf480pl @tommy @Hamishcampbell have to be careful with the UN on that’s one. They sometime do sly stuff like lump the entire USA in as “top 10%”

@icedquinn @Hamishcampbell @tommy @wolf480pl I mean, from a global perspective, it probably is about 50% of the US population that needs to make some kind of adjustment.

However, for typical middle class and upper middle class USians we're talking about measures like "commute to work less if it can be done remotely" or "buy an EV" or "take fewer trips to Disneyland".

@icedquinn @Hamishcampbell @tommy @wolf480pl The real big ticket items are societal things like "stop requiring your office workers to commute" and "we should shut down that one really polluting coal plant" or upper class consumption like "stop flying between the US and Europe on a weekly basis on your private jet" and "your kids don't need to go to Disneyland every other week".

@urusan @Hamishcampbell @tommy @wolf480pl they still consider low wage americans upper crusters.

you have to remember that "majority" they talk about are destitute africans subjugated to being mined out by DuBiers and whoever.

which is why the usual suspects are always on about forcing americans to live in closets hong kong style.

@icedquinn @Hamishcampbell @tommy @wolf480pl Alright, but that's not what I'm advocating. I'm just using their figures.

I don't see why this is an issue when a close reading of their figures suggest that most people in the US don't have to change their lives extremely anyway.

Also, if we assume they're playing up the role of wealthy people too much, then isn't the situation even worse?

@wolf480pl @tommy this is how we live on our boat for the last 8 years. It's a good way of life... People live to much in manufacturerd fear, we need to move away from the current mess, not cling to it.

@Hamishcampbell @tommy
And what's next? Go back to hunter-gatherer siciety where everyone is so busy getting food that they have no time to think?

@wolf480pl @tommy manufactured fear is what you are expressing. Q. Why are we in this mess?

@Hamishcampbell @tommy we are in this mess because we unknowingly messed with powerful forces we don't understand.

@Hamishcampbell @tommy Also yes, this is a manufactured fear, manufactured by certain climate advocates on fedi romanticizing hunter-gatherer societies.

@Hamishcampbell @tommy what, you didn't see people on fedi post how cool and peaceful and stressless the life of hunter-gatherers supposedly was and how they'd want to be one?

@wolf480pl @Hamishcampbell we have all the technological solutions that are needed.
Not produced at the needed scale. Do not forget we are at least 20 years delayed in action.

We can transform the electricity grid and have a reliable supply.
We can transform mobility.
We can transform agriculture.
We can transform heating.

Engineers, companies and sientists developed the solutions. We nees to deploy them. Urgently. Do not read articles claiming "it is not possible" do read articles that focus on the how and the challenges on the road.

The alternative is so much worse and may lead to collaps of civilisation. It seems you prefer that with inaction. Do you?

@tommy @wolf480pl the is passive aggression here... You are talking about technical fixes... Am talking about "cultural" solutions. Your point of view is what we are in this mess :)

Food for thought, think before replying :)

Interesting framing. Is it being aimed at people who are more individualistic in their thinking? Is there a follow up with a call to action? Because I feel it's a bit like with Privacy, some folks feel it's too late and feel powerless so it's pointless. So once you get people thinking with those statements, what's next?

@Hamishcampbell I think there are very few people who don't understand climate change at this point. They're just looking for reasons to avoid taking action. For a summary, see this comic: leolinne.com/?portfolio=discou

Based on this study: cambridge.org/core/journals/gl

@Hamishcampbell 100%, fuck the polar bears, this is and has always been about humans. Been saying this for 13 years now.


we'll get extinct and the process will be panful

we oversell ourselves to ourselves

we're not so valuable or necessary

Life on this planet will eventually adapt and survive, though our own species will suffer billions of deaths and perhaps extinction if we do not act decisively now.
Moral dilemma - how extreme an action is acceptable if it results in significant change that saves many lives?

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