At we used to train hundreds of grassroots journalists to use smart phone to do grassroots media this need to happen agen, who wants to organise some funding to make this happen

Just havimg read the toot and not seen the video. It a good plan.

The horizontalization needs to be at every level of the stack, though. Including at the network level. If there is a centralisation, at any single point of centralisation, a MITM (mafia in the middle) point, like a Cloudflare, it cannot get us where we need to go.


@dsfgs we are a step away project, so are happy to balance what works we use and abuse the for social ends. Thus are on and cross-posting content from the to give people a hand so they glimpse the path to step to

In our experience there are increasing liabilities and #opportunityCosts to be on a #dotCon.

We would hear stories of its a platform to reach ppl, but those days of it being a viable platform, faded especially #post2016.

If you are about to use it effectively reach new users can create genuine social change, we salute you. Our experience is those opportunities have been closed.

The leak of the 2million on fb, permitted to have speech, speaks volumes. Maybe you are a lucky one.

@dsfgs you are right posts on the do not go far, being pushed into the shadows by the advertising algorithms. But more than 90% of people are still there. So a helping hand in a small way is still process.

Probably the most horizontal thing that one can do is print hashtag (#) fediFlyer, and ask people on their commute whether they are "fed up with the online algorithms dictating what they can see and say online".

Awareness that an alternative exists is a major hurdle that stops people from challenging status quo. Only when people see that an alternative might work will they feel comfortable with the idea of being shadowBanned by a dotCon.

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