web surfing has become all but impossible. nothing links anymore, it's all narcissistic inside linking if anything. i used to surf links across the network, stumbling from one thing to the next, surprises and missteps. now it's all search hubs and feeds rather than networks.

what we use now via the http protocol isn't really the web anymore. there's no web here. it's all silos, standing alone and trying desperately to keep me from leaving. no longer a digital ocean, now small tide pools with no path between, left in the receding wake of the surf.

@emenel A major issue as well is that even if you do link an external source, odds are very high that bitrot (or worse) will render that link useless. Possibly within days, highly likely within years.

I've taken the approach of frequently (though not yet quite automatically) of 1) archiving the content (to a public archive, e.g., Archive.org or Archive.is) and 2) linking that archive.

(This of course risks either of those archives failing.)

I'd like to make that an automated part of my writing workflow.

As much as I prefer to promote the Internet Archive (archive.org), much of the modern Web fails to be accurately or successfully be captured there. Archive.is is much more successful in this regard, though it also frequently fails.

Then there are paywalls, registration walls, national firewalls, and worse.

@dredmorbius @emenel This is a big concern of mine, as well. I do a lot of vintage computing stuff, and those things fall off the web rapidly, (sadly) as older hobbyists pass away or lose interest. I have often wished for a "local archive" solution, where I could (for instance) load a web page through a caching proxy that would save it in a durable way. Sadly, modern web pages are not well suited to this. Fortunately many vintage computing pages would be.

@Hamishcampbell I'm not following. What's the idea / what's the problem being solved?

@elb @emenel


@dredmorbius @elb @emenel

It's about treating all our posts as data objects in a couldren of data soup. Our apps are simply ladles. Based on and it's a simple project.

This is the archiving project unite.openworlds.info/Open-Med

And for background hamishcampbell.com/?s=Makeing+

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