@Hamishcampbell I don't agree. For me, that's an oversimplification. It's not only USA's war, and USA wouldn't loose as much as Ukraine or its neighbours if Russia won.

It is a mess, I agree. As Howard Beale said in his legendary monologue: "we know things are bad — worse than bad." But I definitely don't agree that it's as simple as removing Ukraine from the equation. That is a dangerous trick that redirects the anger. For the anger to be constructive, it needs to be directed at the right subject.

Not supporting an imperialist country fighting with another country is fine. Not supporting people where women are raped or killed by soldiers is not fine.

@pfm yes but the is truth to the idea that the war in Ukraine is just the cold warmed up. And yes, nobody here is saying that the old zarist impirealisam is not the clear violent aggressor, that is understand, but pull back to a wider picture then the image is also true.

Good to look from different angles at the same thing, healthy grown up thing to do in the current mess we are in.


A normal video youtu.be/sLkgRJqij4k the mess we are currently adding to. What is a constructive way out of this, we need new thinking on all these problems.

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