The is a lot of violence on all sides in and in general. This has spread to offline activist thinking and actions its a mess and intresting to look at the roots of this mess. One root is the algorithms used for digital addiction the are others. What roots do you guys see?

If you need to know what a priest of the looks like, here are 3 neo-liberal monsters do you recognize them? Maybe you voted for one? Do you have a spade? If you have media, process, programming skills you can dig here

Its a problem. Ok liberals what's the way out of this mess you guys keep pushing?

The and are both social groups we have to move aside from if we are to have hope for technical social change

The has been lieing to you for 40 years. Don't fuckup the next election please. And build up grassroots resources now

Kinda sums up what remains of the and the remaining who have not thought this through. Please don't be one of these.

Anyone up for subscribeing to our channel we would love to go and meet these people and make some horific interviews about the inside working of the youtube studio syteam. We currently have 7K and need 10K to get throught the doors ;)

Life inside the algorithm. People fight for this, they troll for this. It's a form of digital addiction. What do you think

You can use a search engine that will remove the "personalisation/manipulation" of the and add alternative views to your search. Ps. We need programers and sys admins for the project to make these tools work better.

How do we have progressive social and environmental movements in the "post truth world"

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