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When you think that useing social media is natural remember you are feeding that are all built from the worsted parts of human nature. If you won't civilization and society to continue you cannot keep supporting this

Simple and clear message respecting both sides of the clash. Lets see if the can keep/stop muddying this. At the least my friends on have stopped spreading rightwing propaganda on this for a time.

At newspeak house to check out how its doing. Looking at the audience watching the "the great hack"

The current labour party is the 20th century center and the torys the hard right of the center. Its basic stuff, we need to change our own use of language if the is to be any hope

The are the smiley face of the please stepaway.

How do you see your life? This is both a personal/social and tech answer please.

I would say its more a choice between nasty viscous or just plan nasty :)

With opening up the possibility of positive environmental and social change. The big challange is to get individuals to move past the eco feel good and into the hard social issues were the real power for destruction/creativity lies.

The was a bang/explosion last night, i thought kids were shooting the boat with a airgun, got up to snif/look around to see if it might be a electrical short. Found nothing so went back to bed. In the morning i noticed that a 9v battery had exploded, was not plugged into any thing.

Kinda sums up what remains of the and the remaining who have not thought this through. Please don't be one of these.

History tells us that we need our own distribution and this core to real outreach and effectiveness will not find at this event.

The is a wilfully hopeless in this group of people focus on . Part of a series of events that take space and obscure outcome. Rinse and repeat.

The are some good content being produced by alt media groups, but the tech focus is little more than wonabe mainstream.

Both sad and bad.

Today at 2.00pm were coming live on video from kingscross. Q&A answering questions about our ongoing circumnavigation of Europe in a Lifeboat.

Ana testing Boater technology.

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