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Added news posts to the archive system, with a configurable maximum number of news posts. If you leave it at the default of zero then the news timeline is not archived. #Epicyon

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Am not normally a huge fan of the guy but he says it like it is support #indymediaback to take a small step in the right direction.

@bamfic @kensanata @dredmorbius I think the is a deep modern poison in not seeing the world from wide ideological views. It leaves people dangerously pointless and thus breeds fascism.

@bamfic @kensanata @dredmorbius you could revers this with the understanding that the repression was there to overcome so the violence after was "openness" fighting "closed". its dishonest to only see it as you do I think? is this a fair view do you think?

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google, privacy, e-mail, from :birdsite: 

Google started editing people's e-mails in GSuite, replacing links with a link through

This means that Google will track a click on a link *in e-mail* even if you're using an external client.

I am *guessing* this is under the pretext of phishing protection, but it actually *creates* additional phishing risk for text-only clients, since now all links are links.

#FuckGoogle #privacy

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Indymedia reboot

Need some help to find online openweb conferences. Do you have any links for online events were we can present the reboot video and do the Q&A to keep the momentum up. Am not finding any as they seem to be organized inside filter bubbles, let's cross the bubbles .

Please BOOST to other bubbles for a working NEWS part of the fedivers.

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"Today, workers are hardly aware of the way digital surveillance technologies are used to teach their jobs to algorithms."

section 53 of the new book Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff, which is being serialized weekly on Medium

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Good God feels cluttered and busy. Cannot be a good sign for it.

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Capitalisam, its a #deathcult as are people who support it are deathcult'sts simple and dirty truth #XR made mainstream visible.

What did you think it was?

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Batons out as UK police CLASH with protesters during London anti-lockdow... This is what a #deathcult feels like. do you have a spade to clear up this stinking mess #OMN

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Arrest The Cabinet activism in action - the needs to be a hundreds of people climing that fence every day in a gentle and persistence way - keep it #fluffy

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I don't mean that covid is punishing anyone per-se.

More that the system itself has imploded because it is built on sand and lies.
Covid just highlighted a massive weakness at its core.

Alternatives exist. We just need the average Joe to realise and believe in themselves; that they can take better care of themselves and their local community.

And without causing harm.

Permaculture, bitches!

And not the hippy food-only version; but the design science that it actually is!


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The "western" world is finally experiencing a backlash for it's abuses to it's own people and others, and life in general.

For the folk out there who still want their jobs and "security", now is the time to realise that everything does not immediately collapse when you don't go to work all day, every day, never stopping like some perpetual motion automata.

Now is the opportunity to turn your back on politicians and businesses and remake your communities in your image!


@dsfgs @bohofromthegetgo you have to doubt the claims of all encryption as the hardwere it runs on is 99.99% insecure. if this is not in there outreach then they are a part of the problem and clearly not a part of the solution. The best you get is pseudo anonymity for 99.999% of people on the internet.

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@dsfgs @bohofromthegetgo @Hamishcampbell There have been claims that WhatsApp is backdoored for a long time. It's basically a proprietary implementation of XMPP with an ejabberd backend and federation turned off with phone numbers as usernames, so they could easily do the GCHQ suggestion of “ghost members” in private chat.

The chattering class are not saveing anyone, apart from themselves for a time. Please try not to be a

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