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vagabond Twitter, when they put limits on the use of the API, decided to be an apartment building. A great one for sure. And it makes a lot of money. But there are severe limits on the creativity that comes out of the building. They might have made even more money if they chose to be the Central Park of the web.

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Npm put the concept of component based development at its core.

This is a valid thing but people don't consider the implications. In Component-driven development you have to trust your component vendors. I know this is something some people hate, but welcome to how the world works.

The problem in the node ecosystem is that trust is cheap to get and there are often no big vendors for tons of components

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I've been using the #CryptPad collaborative online #editor with end-to-end encryption (and getting a lot of friends to use it) so much that I'm considering setting up an instance on a server.

@cryptpad is now fundraising for some awesome milestones:

- Spreadsheets and Office-like docs by integrating
- Commenting
- Shared Drives
- #Federation for pads with cross-instance commenting and messaging!
- Offline editing
- Suggested edits

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I see that my comment on HN that static sites shouldn't be pushed into having to have run HTTPS went over like a bucket of bricks.

Teenage me figured out how to get Apache running on the home PC so I could host my "home page"

Teenage me wouldn't have a clue how to get a cert set up.

Requiring HTTPS becomes an additional hurdle, easy for corporations to jump over, but horrible for the amateur.

I'd rather a playground for enthusiasts than a system built where the corp interests are central.

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Q: Isn't there something bigger than us? Something else?

A: Yes. Elephants.

Q: No, really.

A: Well, grain barges.

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No exaggeration. Siemens and Xerox have been backdoored since pre-digital days. All printers. All international cables. etc.

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ActivityPub is still very young, only a couple months old.

Its great to see so much enthusiasm and new projects.

The network effect applies just as it does to traditional silo'd social media platforms.

It's just a matter of time for the fediverse to grow and become mainstream enough to sustain that model while providing a superior experience. #activitypub

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@jerry @uranther In the early 1990s me and some friends by accident ran into a US spy station protest while searching for a pub. The protesters told us about how the US was listening to all telephone calls, and that the purpose of the place was primarily economic espionage and not detecting Soviet aircraft as claimed. At the time I didn't believe them and thought it was just a conspiracy theory. The Snowden documents much later confirmed what the protesters had said.
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A cool list of instances on different fediverse networks. Awesome list! #OpenWeb #Fediverse Via @Hamishcampbell

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@strypey I think there's also a narrative being pushed to discredit the Web in general at the moment. Precisely because it is better than centrally controlled and state-censored broadcasting in many ways. Just look at how NYT & Co are suddenly able to claim that they are the ones protecting the world from bullshit, when it was them who provably indoctrinated audiences with BS and fake news for decades.

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If you want to compete with Google or Facebook or other big companies, you need to understand that a) they are actually constrained by the law and b) the only computer bigger than their computer, is "everybody else's computer."

Radical decentralization + build software that has features the companies cannot offer for legal reasons.

We just have to be willing to go where the big companies can't. The more censorship there is of "normal" content, the more opportunities there are to do just that.

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who the fuck cares with what #software or #server you take part in the #fediverse? all that matters is that we can communicate.

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the most important feature missing from #mastodon is account migration

but what we'd really need is a account migration that is independent of the #software. kind of like a standard that allows me to migrate from mastodon to #pleroma or whatever

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Film o sieci Mastodon: Czym jest, jak dziaล‚a.

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kandinsky painted the first abstract painting as a revolt from painting the rich and their grand houses and the material goods . It was part of the growth of Theosophy. - see Kandinsky in the 1970s book - The shock of the new. by Robert Hughes. Abstract art developed In America as the CIA and the rich patrons funded it and as the left art magazines were censored and subvwerted which bedeviled my life and its taken until now to unravel the facts facts with through all this more

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Hi FLOSS advocates and supporters
This is probably the last call for #PeerTube crowdfunding because time is short (only 3 days left atm)

With more than 850 contributors, it has been a huge success and 1st goal has been achieved rather quickly.
Thanks for that !

Now if you believe this project may have a highest potential with more development, please pass the word and contribute, either with money or with code. Remember it is free software and of public interest ๐Ÿ™‚