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"A well constructed decentralized system will identify & attack emergent centralization."
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Personal Democracy Forum with a guy complaining that he's only just in the last few years realized that everything is becoming commoditized, including relationships, etc.

The ghost of Karl Marx is laughing and saying "dude, I was saying this in like 1867 and you're just too ignorant to have read it".


We are flesh and blood – makes us feel more human

On Facebook and Twitter we get a anti-human illusion of human experience.

The Internet is done alone

Isolationism as a benefit – self importance.

If you need to find a place to call home on the you could start looking here

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For more than a decade, Facebook shared your friends' data and other sensitive info with phone makers, even after they claimed not to (they're still doing it) #surveillancecapitalism #privacyisateamsport #cambridgeanalytica ##deletefacebook #surveillance #facebook #privacy #zuboff #Post

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Bayer and Monsanto merge into a new company called "Bayer" because Nazis have a better reputation than Big Ag #godwin'slawofbranding #branding #language #monsanto #names #Post #WWII

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Got partway through making an RSS-to-RSS transformer today: given an RSS feed of the most recent few pages of a series, it should be able to guess the rest of the pages of the series and generate an RFC5005 full-history RSS feed for it. I think it'll turn out to be fully automatic, when it works at all, which looks like pretty often… 😅 Hopefully that'll be useful in my grand plan to convince everyone to adopt this decade-old standard that nobody's ever heard of… 😒

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Hey Fediverse 👋
If you want a federation as a replacement for GitHub, you can star/comment issues:
- :gitlab: 🔎 cross-server search:;
- :gitlab: 🍴 cross-server merge requests:;
- :gitlab: 💬 share events (comments, likes, ...) via activityPub:;
- :go: 🍴 gogs feration via ActivityPub:
- :go: 🍴 gitea federated merge-requests:
- federate users and repos:

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@quarktheawesome @FuckOffGoogle @aral

Google font: they serve the font file to your visitors. It's a file transfert. So, they collect a log entry on their server with their IP/browser/where-they-came-from/etc... and because many dev use Google-font, they have a map of most of your visitors move accross the internet.

You can read my "second fight" on this article I published in 2016 :

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Microsoft couldn't give a rats ass for software freedom. They despise people like me. All their ventures into FOSS, including funding the Linux Foundation, are narrowly self-serving. They continue to extort FOSS developers with software patents.

Microsoft are about as ethical as a drone strike on a wedding party. I've been around in software for a long time, so have seen their manoevrings. They boasted about the extensiveness of their cooperation with the NSA and bugged Skype after they bought it (read the Snowden docs).
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@Hamishcampbell @david_ross @Shufei @strypey

I'm not really sure where this thread is going since it looks like a collection of many different issues. But on the topic of Mozilla and privacy, anyone who thinks that Mozilla is some great champion of privacy doesn't understand the business model. Modern Firefox is a telemetry machine with some web browsing features.

The current web is a bit like the current state of politics. The main options for accessing the web aren't all that great and there are significant issues no matter which browser you use.
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@Hamishcampbell @strypey @david_ross I’ve never understood the “absolute safety” fallacy, myself. There is unsafe infosec and safer. It’s figleafs all the way down, an arms race of figleafs, even in crypto. And even the surveillance state doesn’t have total immediate clairvoyance. So if hiding ip foils some metadata skimmers, but not all, at least you’ve foiled probably most. It buys time and options and muddies waters. That’s all one can do anyway.

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remember greenham, - never forget greenham( in welsh) women are more powerful than they think they are
and -[ well behaved women never make history -- slogans on the banners . event organised by the welsh womens archives....

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Towing a canoe down the now safely moord up on a small river bellow Lintz

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Just do everyone dues not think am ignoring them, am on the water for the next 6 months so Internet will be spotting so might be delays and missed messages.

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hi fediverse.
I'm trying to make some rss bots less intrusive, mainly by having them toot multiple posts in one toot (to not flood the timeline).

long url's are making this very difficult - if they get truncated before tooting, they'll break.

is there a url shortener that is ethically acceptable among masto users?


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Founded on #4opens and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. Its a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access their members via #openweb projects.

"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

This project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to "boost" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.
Activists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.

Mastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.
You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.
There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.

We aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.

A note on Security and Privacy - these take a somewhat different shape within the #openweb. Have a read about our thoughts on the matter.

How are OMN projects run?