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This still seems a very creative and interesting space. I really should spend more time here.

From a friend working at a big NGO

"Dear Lazyweb; we'd like to hire a pentest company/team/freelancer to look at how secure our systems are. I'm looking for personal recommendations of companies/individuals you've used for this sort of work who did a great job.

(Stack is mostly Ruby (Rails+Padrino) on Heroku using RDS and SES, if that matters)"

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For new members. Mastodon only starts to work when you are fallowing over 20 people so best to look out on the main feed and follow every new person who catches your attention. It's a network for new connections rather than finding old ones. Would start with

The building of software is an example of "commons" this is why you see so much innovation that would normally be blocked in "closed" capitalist production. What most people talking along these issues miss is the important changes involved in work. This "blinded" majority thus keep's pushing the innovation back into the stagnant ideolagy they cannot think outside of. Sad and bad.

The conservative idolagys fight over how to shape your relationship with data. The are winder views, more humane options

Babbage: A bill of data rights

Should individuals have rights over their data that are protected similar to human rights? We discuss the universe with Jo Dunkley of Princeton. And why the oceans are turning a different shade of blue. Kenneth Cukier hosts

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Almost all coverage of and the labour party is a right meme the labour party have a solid policy on this subject, that is not explained here, thus the right wing meme issue. Please check your source before spreading media.

I think meme is actually a good way of describing the issue as moves its into the internet era. They used to have a fig leaf of objectivity when the only news source. If you look this has now been removed.

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The is a media going on for the last few years. Radical media is part an example of the project. This movement is at a similar scale to the network at its height. Anarchist types likely don't see it due to filterbubble issues.

Basic fast turnaround DIY video making

Use your phone to start, shoot in well lit area out of wind. Use any basic video editing app to top and tail. Then move on to external mic with fluffy wind protection plugged into phone. This should get you through your first 20 videos.

Its basic

Think about background noise and light when starting. Do not frame for "interesting" video background.

IMPORTANT: Don't listen to the "PROS" till you get past this stage.

The Idea that Broke America

Mesmerism didn't stop with Mesmer. This week, we pick up where we left off, tracing the idea of animal magnetism to America, where it went through some... changes. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of American enterprise, religion and entertainment that leads us right through the door of this dark timeline we're living in. This one's a doozy.

It's the easy path to be "right", the hard path to take an active part in the compromise that building anything real involves. Most people like the easy of being "right" when it comes to complex social truths. Thus they are always wrong. The problem.

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“What Roser’s numbers actually reveal is that the world went from a situation where most of humanity had no need of money at all to one where today most of humanity struggles to survive on extremely small amounts of money. The graph casts this as a decline in poverty, but in reality what was going on was a process of dispossession that bulldozed people into the capitalist labour system, during the enclosure movements in Europe and the colonisation of the global south.”

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