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cartoonist Ludo

bad news. "Fracking given the go ahead in Marsh Lane." from to
Misson Springs Protection Camp group on fb

"An eyewitness said on social media that the clash erupted after a passenger made a racist remark to an Asian man."

and another one on the tube. looks like my self defense skills can be tested soon. Thank you mr referendum, we back in the 80's.

in a way it feels good that capitalists are going to be defeated by nature :P

came to the uk 8 years ago and still witnessing this happening whilst working my way up from the streets and working very close to vunerable groups of people in London. Had to conclude that the people in gov deliberately intend to make room for wealthier groups of people by way of mental and physical harassement until exhaustion and death by suicide.

"According to several sources, the Italian leader, who was attending his first summit, was warned about his behaviour by EU colleagues and told to follow the club rules."

One more of my cartoon for @femLENSphoto (on twitta) because tonight is the night of the fundraising party in Gdynia. and here s a lil video too

In video-related news, if anyone's interested in helping to make an ethical decentralised alternative to YouTube, there's a crowdfunding going on to further develop PeerTube:

PeerTube is still in beta testing so there isn't a huge amount of content yet, but it works and anyone can set up their own instance if they want.

If a video gets too popular for one instance to cope with, the system shares the load with other instances.

Have you met yet?
He's and still also on youtube and he's wants to tell you a few things about the decision makers behind these machines we can't live without anymore!

This past , femLENS launched the first women-only documentary photography magazine “We See” available.

Please consider supporting the

: founded in 2015 by photographer , the Estonia-based volunteer organization holds free workshops around the globe—in places as diverse as Lebanon and Poland— to “tell visually by using cameras and the easily available tools such as mobile phones and other cheaper alternatives.”
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