Terrorism? Mental illness and social media influence.
The wrong heads are being chopped off as a tragic and dangerous consequence for society as a whole.
Putting human lives in the claws of new technology IS going backwards.


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Arrest The Cabinet youtu.be/tc1ESFg4fkA activism in action - the needs to be a hundreds of people climing that fence every day in a gentle and persistence way - keep it #fluffy

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Batons out as UK police CLASH with protesters during London anti-lockdow... youtu.be/l75ackW7Ry0 This is what a #deathcult feels like. do you have a spade to clear up this stinking mess #OMN

"Today, workers are hardly aware of the way digital surveillance technologies are used to teach their jobs to algorithms."


section 53 of the new book Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff, which is being serialized weekly on Medium

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I want to say that running an instance is not profitable - most of them are run at a loss because most don't have Patreons. This isn't a business - this isn't politics - this is a hobby, a service offered so friends can be made and a space offered to do so.

I guarantee you no successful instance is doing this for "clout" or for profit or good PR. That's simply no good motivator for running one and the ones that start that way always, and always will, crash and burn.

Explanation on of
media project

"La résistance commence par les mots."

"Résistance stars with words."

“Why would a corporation sue? It seems so unreasonable, yet when you read the material from the law firms, to them it’s completely normal and they are expecting this to happen. They recognise there are incredibly valid public health needs, but they also understand that these courts are designed only to look at the interests of investors.”

*Gleaned on the web*
Interesting comment from an anti war group.
Happy Sunday evening

*Poetic games*

Why do i believe that bureaucracy is a necessity for society to function?
Why is it hard for myself to question this necessity?
I don't know of a world without but does it mean it is impossible to live without bureaucracy?

Now read again but replace 'bureaucracy' with technology or electricity or any other that apply.

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The #openweb was ripped apart by meany forces.

#encryptionists pushing securaty theater broke UI and trust based relationships

#geekproblem narrowed this into a irrelevant subculture.

#fashernistas inbraced the bad in both sides for self intrest, greed and fame.

#dotcons privatised data and metadata to the service of profit and social controle. All the above groups played there role in this.

The #openweb is a hollow shell for most people

Reboot #OMN #4opens

How they work :

"Adding to frustrations over the delay, the new measures were announced one day before the parliamentary summer recess, and buried by the news of a damning report on Russia’s possible interference in the Brexit referendum."

Working about 10 years for , quitting and publicly criticising the company. .
Then fall into oblivion.

Not even half a whistleblower.
How much more powerless we need to be made before we make a move?


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