We should never forget that it is not a virus that kills vulnerable people. Political and economical decisions are responsible. Decision makers are working at and will work at erasing this reality.

Tests would work better than lock downs but they are not made readily available.
Medication with high potential already exist but are not invested into.

6th June 1832.
Political coup attempt against gov.
As told by Victor Hugo in Les Miserables.
Right in the middle of the cholera outbreak.

Might this be the biggest opportunity to trial a different social structure that will make people be aware of?
Could the word reveal and establish its real identity so that people want to get back to it once the crisis is over and governments want to impose themselves back?

It looks very much like the gov is going for a lockdown in the coming days.

Question to techy/teachy people please: at some stage i would like to set up an instance of mastodon. How do i do it? I'm not a techy just a bit diy. Ideally i want to go through the process to teach others how to do it like a nesting system so that the network grows.

Il est deja trop tard pour se reveiller en masse mais on peut ouvrir les yeux, se lever et faire ce qu'on peut pour reveiller les autres!!


"La santé est une information qui fait saliver les entreprises, parce qu'elle permet de savoir ce que vous allez devoir acheter. Comme consommateur, cela fait de vous la clientèle captive par excellence. Comme travailleur, cela renseigne sur votre corvéabilité : un congé maternité, une sclérose en plaques, une maladie transmise génétiquement ; autant de facteurs négatifs qui peuvent devenir des points en moins. [...]"

"«une intelligence artificielle c'était un algorithme, peut-être une grande base de données dans laquelle l'algorithme pouvait aller piocher. Donc l'intervention humaine derrière c'était un ou plusieurs humains qui venaient programmer mon algorithme et puis ensuite je me disais qu'il fonctionne tout seul. Et vous, vous nous dites que pas du tout, derrière l'intelligence artificielle il y a une armée de travailleurs, et même une armée de travailleurs pauvres ».


"[British District judge] Baraitser replied that might pose a danger to the public [if allowed to be v released from glass box to join lawyers]. It was a question of health and safety. How did Fitzgerald and Lewis [prosecution] think that she had the ability to carry out the necessary risk assessment? It would have to be up to Group 4 to decide if this was possible." [Group 4 aka G4s].


What is the difference between and other current media projects?
What solutions does offers which other projects don't?
Is ignoring or dismissing other projects?

Get involved with press and media to build independant reporting platforms and federation.
"Shortly after the February 11 announcement of the finalists, which included two portrait series covering the protests, the World Photography Organisation (WPO) received a complaint and swiftly removed the online galleries of the three offending series." [Read more at link below]

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The mess is deeply embed in the current internet boingboing.net/2020/01/08/rip- only by the use of the do we have any hope of moveing away from this mess. its simpale stuff and VERY sad and bad when people ignore these issues as they do.

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