"Cognitive warfare overlaps with Big Tech corporations and mass surveillance, because “it’s all about leveraging the big data,” du Cluzel explained. “We produce data everywhere we go. Every minute, every second we go, we go online. And this is extremely easy to leverage those data in order to better know you and use that knowledge to change the way you think.”


“It starts with hyper-connectivity. Everyone has a cell phone,” he continued. “It starts with information because information is, if I may say, the fuel of cognitive warfare. But it goes way beyond solely information, which is a standalone operation – information warfare is a standalone operation.”


The archivists have it easy but they use technology in a simple and effective way and mostly they put the work in to get it done because they see the value of it.
Independent grassroot media will likely not even be in the archives of we carry on in this direction.

is a small stream inviting the technically and socially minded to find solutions to guarantee independent grassroot media a future.


"The economy is picking up post-pandemy"
[Character:] "Lucky we got used to wearing a face mask for protection!"

What have we learned?

My profile has got followed by 4 "traders" in under 24h.
Don't think they care one bit about the content I post.

“Until we (...) adopt a public health approach to this problem, we will forever have this conversation. Because if we continue to work in silos, and not as a collective, more and more of our young people are going to pass.”

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How toxic is our social media in 2021?
fuelling teenage gangs feuds and facilitating sales in result in knife and gun lethal crimes rise.

Time for something else?


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Shit news on the trespass bill front this morning.
But found this

Close your eyes and do nothing.
Wear your VR goggles, fly your drone, 3D print your food.
Ignore the upcoming disasters.

"Roma campaigners have held a rally outside the Czech Embassy to remember Stanislav Tomas who died after being held to the ground with a Czech policeman’s knee on his neck.

Stanislav Tomas’s death in Teplice, Czech Republic, was filmed by a bystander on a mobile phone and resonated with the murder of George Floyd by a USA policeman – which sparked the Black Lives Matter movement."


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"Gypsy, Roma and Traveller campaigners from across the UK are uniting in a grassroots led campaign to resist the racist provisions in Home Secretary Priti Patel’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (the Bill). On July 7th at 1pm they will peacefully gather in Parliament Square, London to launch a Summer of Discontent against the Bill and its intention to completely outlaw nomadic Gypsy and Traveller cultures across the UK."


Nous vivons dans un mythe que nous travaillons a faire perdurer.
Réveillez-vous! Réveillons-nous?
Mais comment?
Par la déconstruction du mythe et la reconstruction de la cohésion sociale.

"Travail, Salaire, Profit"

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