"If people feel they don't have the power to change a bad situation, they stop thinking about it."
[From "Rules for radicals" - Saul Alinsky]


the difference between and fairness.



"There is no society, only individuals." [M. Thatcher]
Thus serves to destroy , support in the world over.

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Les personnes travaillant à Paris ne peuvent que très difficilement se loger à Paris, alors elles viennent se loger (acheter ou louer) à Rennes, tout en travaillant à Paris.

Les prix à Rennes flambent, pas les salaires.

Les gens de Rennes (35) vont alors se loger à Dinan (22), où elles et ils retrouvent des gens de Paris fortuné⋅es qui s'y offrent des résidences secondaires − car le bord de mer c'est inaccessible. Les prix flambent, pas l'activité économique.

Les gens de Dinan se tournent vers le centre du département 22, le centre Bretagne…

ça va très mal se finir

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A bâ ça c'est con G....e, la main dans le sac, Google inculpée pour collecter les données des utilisateurs en navigation privée : siecledigital.fr/2021/03/16/go

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One of our outreach training workshops spacestudios.org.uk/learning/v we used to run a lot of these and trained up thousands of grassroots journalists over the last 20 years at and

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"À quoi attente l’attentat ? En nous séparant de notre capacité de récit, il nous livre sans défense à une machine narrative dont personne ne maîtrise les emballements (Uri Eizensweig, Fictions de l’anarchisme, 2001)."


et experience
Les inventions du

The main essence of is repetition.

What is a ?
Why are governments afraid of books?
Find out by yourself.

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If you come back with a "better idea" that is likely to be #stupidindividualism talking. Ideas are social and if you cannot point to the social history you are likely talking/pouring poisoned shit... compost and shovels would then be needed for a good outcome. And everyone is to "individual" to have an interest in clearing up so we live in a pile of techshit (and call good)

#deathcult looks like this.

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This is an interesting expirence for us datacenterdynamics.com/en/news we lost our #xmpp chat server in this fire.

Makes me think about the project and the #geekproblem that has blocked the last 10 years of rollout. Our #OMN plan has ALWAYS been home hosting of our content. BUT this has been BLOCKED due to security issues that to me are beyond pointless - looking at this fire you can kinda see the point in my view. Beyond pointless...

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Much of the #encryptionist project is about pushing capitalism into the #openweb where it fits badly. They keep trying ethereum.org/en/nft/ as if the #deathcult was common sense, which it's not, its death and displacement for millions of us and the wholescale destruction of nature over the next hundred years.

These guys are EVIL, and we need to say this to them.

#climatchoas is the new normal, and we have to STOP the #encryptionists form feeding this mess.

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For social change to happen we need to empower different groups of people - just doing the usual shit is adding to the mess. The last 10 years has been completely wasted in the tech space.

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Our end plan in the #OMN is that all the content is redundantly stored in the network in a #KISS way, so traditional backup is less important -when it goes wrong, and it will sometimes as we are home hosting. Just boot up a new noid put your hashtags and user info in and all your content will be sucked back in a #lossy good anufe way. This makes home hosting work well enough to scale outward to build a #openweb

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