To show the audience who they are dealing with when it comes to hate-filled propagandist Ahmad I have to rely on screen shots, now …

Simply "quoting" his nonsensical and arbitrary Tweet(s) does not work any more, that is, any of my Tweets containing a link to Mansour's Tweet(s) will not show up as a search result for anyone as he has "blocked" me, and neither will they contain an actual link to what Mansour tweeted.

, the violent white supremacist national ideology of what Zionists brazenly call "" needs to be ostracized and outlawed in order to shape a more peaceful world.
If you disagree with this, please just leave me alone!

I want to invite everybody to the in and to the .
Let's show 'em (the "elites", also known as exploiters and slavedrivers)!
You can start protesting by simply taking part in the !


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