I'm using this thread to share thoughts + links prompted by #convivialtools seminar yesterday. Please append, ask q's and retweet if they're interesting. @dougald@twitter.com @justinmcguirk@twitter.com @SumitraUpham@twitter.com @DesignMuseum@twitter.com @staccop2p@twitter.com @benterrett@twitter.com @adamgreenfield@twitter.com @furtherfield@twitter.com @CassieRobinson@twitter.com


@richdecibels I read a lot of fiction so these sessions reminded me of some of what I've been reading. Walkaway of course (or the earlier Makers). But having recently reread Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed point after point in the morning session (especially) resonated with the ideas she was exploring. It felt rather uncanny! And Ivan Illich is definitely going on my to-read pile.

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