It was going to see the premiere of the docu about fracking in the UK ('Power Trip' by undercurrents) that finally got me to sign up to Mastodon.

It's a great film and had an intelligent panel discussion afterwards on activism and reclaiming power.

@bluestarfish and if you dont mind my asking... how was Mastadon brought up? (im new too #introductions)


@Blake hello! slightly indirectly... there was a whole bunch of talk on screen and off about people taking direct action. i met someone there hadn't seen for a few years and we got talking about mastodon. i had previously heard people talking of it and been fairly curious so i think the film made me decide to check it out as am interested in using web in different ways.

how did you find out about it?

@bluestarfish literally a google search! Some activists friends were disturbed by Facebook and Google security, so I set abt looking for alternatives! I don’t know if mastodon will do all of the things my friends wanted, but it’s nevertheless a very inspiring work of opensource art! Glad to connect 🍍

Glad to connect too. It does feel good to be exploring the alternatives!

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