Prison Culture is a great resource for learning about the US incarceration system and they are incredible organisers - well worth seeing what they are up to and how they do it if you do any campaigning yourself.

I'm tired of talking about ethics in tech without talking about the inherently unethical economic framework that tech shapes and participates in.

"Various conversations about AI and inclusion have already started. However, these important conversations run the risk of being shaped by an ‘artificial intelligentsia’ that discusses inclusion without truly including the voices of the marginalized people likely to suffer most significantly in an AI ecosystem that didn’t consider their voice in its design."

@richdecibels I read a lot of fiction so these sessions reminded me of some of what I've been reading. Walkaway of course (or the earlier Makers). But having recently reread Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed point after point in the morning session (especially) resonated with the ideas she was exploring. It felt rather uncanny! And Ivan Illich is definitely going on my to-read pile.

@Angle The physicist Ilya Prigogine put it beautifully. “When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence have the capacity to shift the entire system”.

The first "World #Commons Week" starts next week! Excited to hear what developments have been made in this field :)

I went to a fascinating talk yesterday about participatory mapping and decolonising maps and was introduced to Digital Democracy who are doing amazing work.

One tool they've been developing is a peer-to-peer offline map editor called Mapeo. Indigenous peoples are using it to put their homes on the map in the Amazon.

Greta Thunberg is protesting outside the Swedish government every day until the elections (tomorrow) - refusing to go to school for the climate. She has powerful things to say to adults.

This company that sells clothing says it had to stop selling to EU because of GDPR. This image IS their site now, it says: "Blame your government (no, really)".

Really though? It's that hard to sell me clothes while respecting my privacy? You only have to blame yourself on this one 😂

"New figures have shown that credit unions, long touted as offering a vital alternative to payday lenders, are on the rise."

"Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives owned and controlled by their members that have traditionally specialised in loans and savings for the less well-off. In a credit union, members typically pay in small sums to their account and can then access loans."


Interesting podcast where @richdecibels talks about #Loomio and organisations. Somehow felt a bit relevant to #socialcoop stuff

He also mentions the talk @douginamug has given about post-consensus, cooperative decision-making -

The second half of the podcast is all about #solarpunk

@poligirl Hi and welcome! One good way of finding some people on here is to do an post and then search the hashtag as well for others.

Welcome to all the new people who have joined the Campaign fediverse. Welcome to this corner of the ! Here's an article that might be helpful if you are new to Mastodon:

"The motion of most of these animalcules in the water was so swift, and so various upwards, downwards and round about that 'twas wonderful to see." Leeuwenhoek, 1674

I'm just reading about him. Apparently he was delighted! Kept looking everywhere to see more of these small dancing things

Dissent is not a crime.  A group of six women campaigners are defending their right to protest against a fossil fuel company which sought a wide-ranging injunction to restrict direct action at drilling sites. The famous mashup of early environmental nonviolent direct action produced by Richard Hering and George Marshall in 1993. The video collates actions from the beginnings of UK environmental NVDA 1991-93, along with other actions from around the world. Its extensive and humorous use of montage techniques made it inspirational to many actual campaigners as well as future ones. The video even appears in a novel.

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