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The bid to buy the Ulva Estate on behalf of the island's community was launched about a year ago - and it's been successful.

The estate covers Ulva and some of the isle of Mull, although there are only six residents on Ulva itself.

The group applied for a community right to buy of the estate under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

"California becomes first U.S. state to require solar panels on new homes [from 2020]"

"The decision ... came despite estimates it would raise the up-front cost of a new home by nearly $10,000 in one of the most expensive parts of the country.

"The Commission estimated the standards will add about $40 to monthly mortgage payments but will compensate for that by saving residents $80 a month on energy bills."

#goodnews #positivenews #environment #renewables

Being interviewed by about —it’s good that it will be mainstream news for the USA as well as the UK and EU


I don't think it can happen within the system. Whether or not there is any space left outside of the system anymore... Scifi is usually good for this sort of thinking through of ideas e.g. I've recently found Cory Doctorow's 'Walkaway' great for pondering exactly these sorts of questions

Remember what Stallman did ~30 years ago when proprietary software dominated, he didn't recommended abstinence he came up with a positive answer aka Free Software. We need to do the same with today's evolving technology (cloud, saas, IoT, whatever). Ignoring it will change nothing we have to get engaged and shape it in a freedom and privacy respecting way.

Testing seedboxs for the youtube replacement.

Am seeding vier webRTC torrent app on fast home broadband two videos:

Am looking for some feedback to see if my seed's are added to the swarm, can you try to watch them and tell me the number of peers and try and download them as torrents and tell me if you see my seeds.


Years ago I read a post/article by Cory Doctorow which I have thought about quite often since (sadly can't find it right now). In it he talks exactly about how he used to obsessively try and read everything, failed, and then realised important things do rise to the top...

I'm tired of this idea that if you run Linux you should be able to use the terminal and you must be a developer or hacker. My dad happily uses Linux and he barely knows how to turn on a computer. Some non-techy people just like privacy and freedom.

@charlag Here's an example on a New York City rooftop. They're growing strawberries on one of the most densely packed areas

That's a lot of growing area in a relatively small space

Polution, death 

@Angle The WHO reckon it's 7 million people who die every year. There are maps and more research here:

"I love that illustrations have become such a key part of the tech branding landscape. But here's an observation: tech illustrations often feature the same sets of things: young, white people (usually men), surrounded by gadgets, with a cup of coffee, in a beautiful tech world."

Love these inclusive design explorations!

@douginamug It is pretty amazing news. No, not personally although know a few people in global witness and in the BVI working on transparency

The UK has led the world in one of the biggest moves we have seen in the fight against corruption for years and the fight against anonymous corporations. More than half of the companies named in the Panama Papers were registered in the UK’s Overseas Territories.

Sometimes you climb the Shard and sometimes you get stuck in and campaign for a decade (or longer). There is a need for diversity of tactics.

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