A federation of networks for cooperation and solidarity through distributed platforms.

by Jon Richter At: FOSDEM 2019 video.fosdem.org/2019/UD2.218A

A live merge from @disroot
nicely done @realitygaps

@directpositiveaction @Hamishcampbell @bob @parleur @Diffu @ajeremias building bridges and always supporting open "industrial" standards allows people to overcome the #geekproblem themselves ;)

@semillabesada this maybe adaptable "rules" for visitors?
10 Bullets. By Tom Sachs

"Working to Code" is a movie series designed for members of the Tom Sachs studio team. Required viewing for all employees and studio visitors. ALWAYS BE KNOL...


@witchescauldron did you check this code? github.com/pfefferle/wordpress

It creates an activityPub from any wordpress page.. and you can comment directly from any activityPub node..


looking for the best activertypub implementation to falk to build a news service as a part of the #indymedia reboot.

looking at pleroma.social/ what do people think.

It's almost
Make your pledge.

"A foundation for creative empowerment
To inspirit & enable direct positive actions for a changing world."

"Communicating Regenerative Agriculture Effectively" panel discussion at Artisans of the Grasslands

savory.global | Click here to see a discussion on how to communicate regenerative agriculture more effectively, with guest speakers Bryan Welch, Finia...


Munk Debates on

The fall 2019 Munk Debate moves the motion: The capitalist system is broken. It’s time to try something different.


"We would like to thank Boris!"
as of Friday 13th December 2019: our immediate plan is to register as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and begin operations in commerce prior to the United Kingdom withdrawal from Europe date of 31.01.20.

It is our founding choice, to proactively encourage freedom of exchange without borders.

We will continue to work with diasporic groups and individuals across multiple locations and seek to collaborate with others who share our principles and goals.

"to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination." ICA (1995) You are Welcome.

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