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The W3C is facing a critical decision about decentralzed identifiers: browser vendor Google, Apple and Mozilla object


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Happy Happy Dayz.
Me today when hearing the news! & tomorrow is my birthday!! Thanks for all the #lulz

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A #reintroduction for #Fediverse13 👋

I've been on Mastodon for the last five years, via several instances. Started with mastodon.social, before dabbling with social.coop and then finding a home on fosstodon.org.

I work at the intersection of technology, learning, and community. I'm a member of weareopen.coop. Previously at Mozilla.

For a couple of years, I was PM of a federated resource sharing platform for educators called MoodleNet. Been into decentralisation since early days of bittorrent!

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At what point do we make it socially unacceptable to keep using Facebook? What does Facebook have to do for that to happen? It feels like we just keep making more excuses: "I only use Facebook2[Instagram]", "Facebook is friends with all of my friends and I'll be socially isolated", "I'm monetarily dependent on Facebook", "Sure facebook knows they are harming me, but they also do X that I like".

We are all in an abusive relationship. What will it take to walk away?

I think we could use some up 'ere also!
*cough* @tqt@hub.lavida.sbs
can you post to Andaluçia?

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If I create some pre-built meshtastic devices with nice cases would people in Portland be interested in buying them for ~$50 (that's cost)?

It's a little pocket size radio, with a battery that lasts 9 years, and if the grid ever goes down (or just for fun), you can: turn it on, connect up your phone/computer, and chat with other people on the network with a range of miles.

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Coming soon:

The Global Social Economy Forum (#GSEF) is a global network that aims to serve as a hub for sharing visions and experiences through cooperation and collaboration to build an inclusive, equitable and human centered world.

This year, 2021, Mexico City will host the GSEF2021 in its face-to-face and digital editions.


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The lying passive aggression we get a lot online, this is the death of community and thus our very culture. This is clearly sinning.

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