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Hey, remember that time when America's ultra-rich tried to pull a fascist coup and install a military dictator, no not last January I mean the one back when Hitler and Mussolini were alive and the models? And how it was financed by such names as Irenee Du Pont, Thomas Lamont of J.P. Morgan, Grayson Murphy from Goodyear etc., and was uncovered almost by accident by that major who wrote "War is a Racket", then everybody pretended it wasn't a big deal and looked the other way and only a random recruiter agent was punished as a scapegoat?

If you want to listen to the full story of the Business Plot in a high-production values, exceedingly engaging audio documentary, check out the Reaction podcast .

Her other reports are also fascinating, I loved the one about the origins of detective fiction copaganda tropes in the actual wild west by the real-life Pinkerton Agency (spoiler: it's about beating up strikers). The Pinkertons also published pulp of themselves – the two sides, the reality and the glamour, were interplaying from the start.

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Center for a Stateless Society » Mutual Exchange Radio: Evan Pierce on Universal Ecological Infrastructure

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tqt boosted run a lovely #misskey instance!


Hint: as it also uses #activitypub as a shared protocol it can interact with both #mastodon & #hubzilla (#zot6) without being on any specific dedicated server or platform!

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@librecomms is now on #mastodon also! #toot

#kudos & thanks to @tbot for the new instance - supporting the deployment of #freedomcells ✊ working towards #thegreaterreset ✊ & #digitalsovereignty 🏴‍☠️

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So what is the #OpenWeb??

Locking the Web Open, a Call for a Decentralized Web
(2015) from The Internet Archive Blogs

We support the #omn - Open Media Network, as a part of the #indymedia reboot initiative.

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The librem is absolutely terrible and I feel taken advantage of. I've talked about it several times. It's not a cell phone I can use or show other people- and I"m only talking about the hardware, not the software.

Save your money!

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Added an ontology for accommodation types in the shares system of #Epicyon. Potentially there could be a fediverse equivalent to the commercial BnB systems.

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One of us spoke with Upstream for their most recent podcast episode on policing and abolition. Check it in out the quoted tweet!

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Invest in The Drivers : A ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaire founders and venture capital. |

This looks very useful. We would like to test this on an old HP17" laptop, unlike most of our other stuff, this can be always online with dedicated power source, due to our rural location is a requirement also. Up to 10 users sounds perfect also.
Looks like a great toolkit.


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@jz The Afghanistan war has been the most cynical in my lifetime. After going in to get Bin Laden they quickly lost any interest in finding him, but stayed anyway to continue harassing/killing the population.

I think this war was primarily about the US developing its military hardware. Air drones, ground robots and "bunker busters" were all pioneered there in the 2000s. The people who got killed were just expendable cannon fodder in a live fire testing R&D enterprise.

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