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Of course Elsevier's "enhanced pdf viewer" tracks where you click, view, if you hide the page, etc. and then transmits a big base64 blob of events along with ID from University proxy when you leave. I'm sure straight to SciVal for sale.
Is this the way we want science to work?

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Government's proposed Data Protection changes mean:

❌Attack on Equality
❌Auto Firings & Racist Hirings
❌Health Records Sold
❌Unfair Exam Grades
❌ Mothers Targeted & Children Exploited
❌ Racial Profiling

👉🏽 Join us now to Stop Data Discrimination: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

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While Oliver Dowden says he wants to “help UK business” his new data proposals are a scary set of reasons to keep your data out of any and all UK services altogether.

Scary, dangerous, incompetent stuff

openrightsgroup.org/blog/vanda #gdpr #privacy

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I really like this!

Ochy-Bala, the tale of two sisters, defending their peaceful tribe against enslavement …

Published on a CC-By licence

I hope she does more youtube.com/watch?v=yfr2l6bv9i

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Today's Essential Read authored by our very own Jim Killock & Heather Burns.

"Racists must be prosecuted, not moderated"


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Stop this Government from turning the UK into a global data laundering hub and trampling all over our privacy rights.

WATCH: youtu.be/GQJVChsk0vM

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Stand up for Privacy:

Proposals commissioned by the UK Government to gut privacy and #GDPR are dangerous and harmful.

These are a taste of what to expect to be official policy in the next few months.

I vastly agree with this from @Edent about names and special characters.

We can throw Welsh names into the misspellings required – Siôn, Siân, Glyndŵr, to name a few.


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What are “unusual characters”

The world is a complex place. It is tempting to enforce simplicity upon it to make things easier for computers. Gender is a boolean, no one is older than 99, all text flows left to right, and names are always in English. That makes it nice and easy for us to write computer systems - and who cares if it is dehumanising?

Recently, I tried to register with phon


#/etc/ #error #forms #racism

And hello, blocking of services and apps.

How will , , , be treated?

It is impossible to see some of these services being able to comply.

And where will fit in? Will the network subject itself to content scanning and removal, or just get blocked online and removed from App stores as “unsafe”?

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Hello, state direction of Facebook, and Twitter over what stays up, what gets deleted, and how they find it.

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The means:

(1) The Home Secretary decides what content FB and Twitter must remove, and how;

(2) Companies must be able to read your private messages

(3) Services that don’t comply get banned from App Stores, blocked on ISPs


If they set up their own note, they‘d be in control of the experience their footballers, clubs and fans find online.

They could swiftly improve the situation for everyone.

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Frustrating that the Football Association is going to boycott social media platforms, rather than setting up its own platform where it can control and reduce abuse.

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Finally a legit alternative to IRC: matrix.org/

Really excited about what it can do to break away from Slack and other non-open protocols.

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Yesterday my parents got a call from their doctor if they want to get vaccinated next week. So #Germany finally starts broader vaccination. This is good news.

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UK may force Facebook services to allow backdoor police access

The Home Office and Priti Patel want to be able to read everyone’s SMS messages, and in effect, ban secure messaging on Facebook.


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