Back in the UK, where
Privacy International's case started, we have to wonder whether this will mean anything. After all, the government wants to get out of these kinds of restrictions. That's in large part what is about.

The UK leaving the EU is not the whole story. EU-UK trade will need agreements about personal data, to allow banking and digital trade, and crime co-operation.

The UK's Dominic Cummings has made noises about getting out of EU data privacy laws. It's not so simple.

Here is the bit of the CJEU Advocate General's opinion that will be worrying GCHQ and all:

This is *massive* … the CJEU's advocate general is saying that in their opinion GCHQ et al *cannot* engage in the bulk harvesting data from Internet cables, because of EU fundamental rights protecting privacy.

We have to wait for the actual judgment of course.

This might not be the final judgment of the court: national security is not an EU competence. But personal data is …

“It’s great to hear that Conservative MPs are learning about the virtues of Signal and secure private communications. Let’s hope they don’t also vote to make these tools insecure with legally mandated backdoors used by police and criminals alike.

“I guess Priti Patel must be quite confused and alarmed as her party votes with its feet for secure messaging platforms, while she’s campaigning to stop them from protecting these very same users.”

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We have many screenings of The Great Hack coming up all around the UK! We will be in London, Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle next week: check out our Events page to know more!
#TGH #thegreathack #cambridgeanalytica #CA

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Since we launched our campaign to #TakeBacktheInternet, we've already raised nearly $140,000 ($280,000 with Mozilla's match). Thank you.

How does federation with @pixelfed work?

Can I see posts on (that's what I would expect)?

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the deligitimization of derivative works as "fanfiction" is a result of the late-capitalistic institution of extremely long copyright terms. In this essay I will

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Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

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Chucking some stuff out and came across a very curious government issued booklet called "preparing for emergencies". This must have been produced during the terrorism paranoia of the Blair government.

It contains sections with titles like "Chemical, biological or radiological incident" and "Possible signs of terrorism" in addition to more mundane health and safety stuff.

I'm at the two day event

"Reclaiming Freedom and Control in a data based society"

Pre the in Berlin next week … this is probably the more interesting bit, led by civil society organisations.

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Reading around Brave the browser:

What do people here think?

Good idea, bad one? Good model, indifferent?

More cryptocurrency hype?

@openrightsgroup@mastodon.socialJohnny Ryan, from Brave, says:

"There's a marked difference in the tone … industry seems to have understood that it cannot pretend the status quo is ok."

@openrightsgroup We deserve the law to be enforced rather than Cookie based profiling with fake consent mechanisms.

At ICO event on AdTech for @openrightsgroup

Will you get better ad privacy?


I am slightly wary of some of the excellent future plans being suggested, in that they sound great but are currently Vapourware.

Nevertheless the fact that actual privacy solutions are being suggested shows that the problems with current AdTech can be solved.

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