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We don’t need to track everyone by the meter squared and by the second to be able to bill them. “Tracking” can take place on device, or in a massive database. We can do better than choosing a surveillance state—and reduce the potential objections.


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📣​ NEW BLOG ​by

'PREVENT' and the attack on #FreeSpeech

"Reducing criticism of #Prevent to “enabling terrorism” is a poorly executed attempt to deny democratic discussion and ‘exchange’ of ideas. And as ‘policy’ it is farcically bad."


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📣​ NEW BLOG ​📣​

The UK Data Reform Bill and the British Bill of Rights: a tragedy in two acts.

"A combined effort by the Conservative Government to steamroll the rule of law and the freedoms we have always taken for granted." -



Access to an intrusive and massive database of what you do online is finally being rolled out by the Home Office.

Collection of “Internet Connection Records” and “the Filter” came in thru the post Snowden Investigatory Powers Act.


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Do you have knowledge of the digital rights space?

Do you have insights into the communities with which we work, especially the migrants’ rights sector?

Do you have expertise in AI, Data Protection or Content moderation?

Please consider joining us👇🏽


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UK Govt is proposing to bonfire your rights & remove the protections that UK #GDPR affords to your private life, vulnerabilities & aspirations.

Under the veil of “getting rid of cookie banners”, they want to make online spying the default option.


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Wow, just started following the European Parliament's #Pegasus hearing with #NSO (yes, what else should one do when sitting at home with Covid?). MEPs are doing some seriously grilling, MEP Sandor Ronai demands NSO guy to "stop the storytelling" and finally provide real answers.

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Moin Fediverse, ich brauch mal eure Hilfe: Beim letzten Twitter-Musk-Ansturm gab es diverse Links mit Orientierung für Leute, die ganz frisch dabei sind und sich noch nicht so gut auskennen. Also nicht solche, die das Fediverse erklären, sondern solche, die erklären, wie wir uns hier verhalten (wollen). Ich suche den besten davon. Habt ihr Nominierungen?

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So in taking notes on major challenges that the #Fediverse faces for its future and to come to its full potential, I added one more challenge: That of complacency to any threats we face, and an inertia that makes it hard to organize ourselves to prepare for them.


As a passionate fedizen myself, I hate to collect these and post them around, but I see it as necessary input to think about bringing creative solutions and opening positive ways for all of us to move forward.

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@bob the linked "This is fine" article has some dire warnings we should heed, imho.

""The resilience of centralised networks and the political organisation of their owners remains significantly underestimated by protocol activists. At the same time, the decentralised networks and the communities they serve have never been more vulnerable. The peer-to-peer community is dangerously unprepared for a crisis-fuelled future that has very suddenly arrived at their door."


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Q: What is the point of anything? 

A: The sharp bit at the end.

-- The Usenet Oracle, circa 1992

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Sure cookie consents can be annoying, but is having a default of spying and then having to find how to opt out of that really a good way to solve it?

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Cookies are used to link activities across websites & build detailed, intrusive profiles of what you do, read & watch online.

The UK government proposal will make online spying the default option.

Our very own Mariano delli Santi
⁩ on Govt’s Data Reform Bill👇 #gdpr #privacy


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For all those wondering about the windows being restricted from the outside? #islingtonwharf removed them this morning.
Here's what they look like, mine has the cuts where I started to remove it.

Currently a much better 28c with windows open

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Brace yourselves: new UK data laws are coming

“The Government have just announced their plans to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation. They are proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.”

openrightsgroup.org/blog/brace #GDPR

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Mariano delli Santi says for ORG that UK data proposals are:

"irresponsible … they risk leading to a massive and expensive rupture with the EU, making data transfers costly for UK businesses, costing jobs during an economic downturn". #gdpr


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🚨​🚨​🚨​ BREAKING: Civil Society hits out at Nadine Dorries over ‘rigged’ consultation!

More than 30 civil society organisations have gone public with their concerns over what they believe may be an unlawful consultation process.

Press release👇🏽


A range of organisations from across civil society have cautioned
Nadine Dorries over her Department’s refusal to meet & substantially engage as part of its consultation process for the Data Reforms Bill.

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