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Good news if you missed it! The EU voted against the Copyright Directive 318-278 earlier today, which now has to be redrafted before being voted on again this September theverge.com/2018/7/5/17535874 #Article11 #Article13

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♻ @fsfe: Using !FreeSoftware to build a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable digital society - our interview with Francesca Bria, CTO of #Barcelona. https://fsfe.org/news/2018/news-20180705-01 #publiccode https://l.fsfe.org/BplXIQ
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One of the things that I noticed in listening to the European Parliament debate on #Article13 and #Article11 was the live interpreters briefly mentioning their own strike action before translating the rest of the debate. The were requisitioned to translate it: euractiv.com/section/economy-j

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Hey I just wanted to personally say THANK YOU to those of you who wrote, called, visited, screamed at their MEP on this whole #Article13 fiasco. We had so many ways in which we could take action yet only a small proportion of us actually did. Proof again that when we pull together, we are strong!

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Someone I've been doing some work with emailed me this gds.blog.gov.uk/2018/05/17/the and said shall we have a crack at it

ended up emailing the government minister explaining that what they are asking is not merely impossible but actually insane

i will post any response I get, heh

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democracy is a grassroots tyranny against public officials

if you don't like being subject to public consequences for your actions, retire from office

Looking forward to this, later today.

Shame that (so far) Mr Zuck won't talk to democratic structures representing less than c250 million people.


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The public service announcement on the morning commuter train tells us to be "vigilant" .. like WTF! Really is airstrip1.

Not so much chat about the Royals here there? 😆

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"over this period we have seen some differences between countries, with Scotland driving improvements in personal well-being in the UK"


BREAKING: BBFC tell @openrightsgroup that they are going to publish their amended Age Verification for porn guidelines next week

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PGP users,

I implemented a simple #efail exploit for Apple Mail, which is vulnerable to direct exfiltration with its default settings. The mitigation, disabling remote content, works but is brittle. So never click "Load Remote Content". (Thunderbird/Enigmail is vulnerable in a similar way, but I haven't tried that one yet.)


In the UK, sex workers will be dealing with the consequences of FOSTA/SESTA, as they find themselves banned from US platforms. This outlines the results: medium.com/assembly-four/my-si

Observation on : the racism of is obscured by the TV series. In the book, black people are removed to another part of the USA, while Jewish people are apparently expelled to Israel.

I understand why this element has been omitted, but it does make the prejudice and regressive ideology run on much narrower lines, primarily being sexuality and gender. Which somewhat risks misunderstanding the novel’s point that repression tends to spill across multiple lines when let loose.

Decided that could potentially get a shot of in the background, although I’d say they’re more interested in my laptop stickers.

Being interviewed by about —it’s good that it will be mainstream news for the USA as well as the UK and EU