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This week's net.wars (993), "Data protection in review", tours through 25 years of data protection, failed enforcement, and international power struggles: pelicancrossing.net/netwars/20

This is disagraceful.

@openrightsgroup regularly uses FoI to establish what Government is doing. If true, the Government is deliberately ignoring the first basic rule, which is to treat all requests on their merits, and to ignore who made the request.


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Happy to have made this video with @openrightsgroup


People in the UK: a trade deal with the US will have devastating consequences. Your privacy and rights are at stake. Sign ORG's petition ➡️ openrightsgroup.org/take-actio

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Well there's been this election recently 😁 Plus a recent scandal with contracts in the UK, betcha there are some in the US as well. Ooh and Europe considering if we need encryption to be that strong. Not much to talk about really. 😏😉
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Questions being asked on Thursday by Chi Onwurah
and Daisy Cooper about UK-Japan Trade deal and the threats to data protection

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A lot will be different about #MozFest 2021 – but one thing that will never change is how critical the #MozFestVolunteer is to the success of the festival.

Past Volunteers, can you please fill out this survey to help us pass along your wisdom? docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mozillafestival/st

“Les techadmins luttant contre les spams (allégorie)
"hercules hydra" par Mad Maenad, licence CC BY-NC 2.0”


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Le combat épique de Framasoft contre la charcuterie en boîte.
Luc vous explique tout sur la lutte contre le spam : champs de bataille, armes et stratégies…


Les techadmins luttant contre les spams (allégorie)
"hercules hydra" par Mad Maenad, licence CC BY-NC 2.0

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10,000,000 million UK voters racially profiled by the Conservative Party says the UK’s privacy regulator, the ICO — but delivers no enforcement action. We have written to Cons to confirm if this data has been deleted.

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Tell Parliament Your Privacy is not for sale! Parliament must ensure that the new UK-Japan trade deal protects our personal data. Privacy is not a bargaining chip. Please tell your MP now that your privacy is not for sale.

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We have raised £2.5k to challenge the ICO to take action against illegal, creepy #adtech — Please donate to help us fight this industry!


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