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DNS over HTTPS is getting serious backlash in the UK because DNS poisoning plus DPI for DNS rewriting is the basis of content filtering and injunction-based blocking.

Sadly nobody remembers that people warned that "censorship is interpreted as damage" in a network.

Trying to decide if my hotel here in Almaty has flaky DNS or if is randomly blocking / reducing access to things.

archive.org definitely seems to be blocked, full stop.

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Can we trust the porn industry with personal data?

Mindgeek owns the biggest product as well as the main porn sites.

It lost:

* 1 million customer records in 2012
* 800,000 customer records, card details in 2016
* Delivered three major malware ad attacks


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On a complete separate note: is it just me or has the UK gone completely barmy re Internet policy?

Other countries have their problems but we seem to be doing particularly badly.

What porn you watch can be very sensitive information. It's striking that MPs don't seem concerned, it's not like public knowledge about watching porn has never impacted an MPs career.

Why should AV be sometimes safer and sometimes unsafe?

Why should do some consumers deserve privacy protection, while others don't?

The idea that privacy protections should be *optional* is barmy, indefensible but hey: it's also government policy.

Looks like launch date is about to be announced: will DCMS and Jeremy Hunt say anything about *regulating* for privacy, or just tell us how good their *voluntary* privacy scheme is?

Let's be completely clear: this is a *government scheme. If your privacy is in jeopardy: it is DCMS and Jeremy Hunt who are to blame.

They chose not to legislate. They chose to have a voluntary privacy standard.

AV dangers are obvious, from outing people to ruining careers and even suicides.

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Guardian letter:

Internet regulation proposals could censor the lawful speech of millions


With English Pen, Index on Censorship, Article 19 and Big Brother Watch

We have this in the UK btw. It's called CTIRU, has filed over 250,000 removal requests without prior authorisation:


Why should we trust the government White Paper, suggesting outsourcing legal judgments to private companies, when it can't get this stuff right itself?

Governments give the message they don't care about due process, accuracy, oversight, accountability, free speech.

Official EU Agencies Falsely Report More Than 550 Archive.org URLs as Terrorist Content

Government agencies reporting material for removal without prior authorisation, oversight.


Scientists at the EU have discovered the first photos of Brexit at the end of the M87. Well done everyone!

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Thinking about VPN's do you pay for one? Do you understand how/if it works as advertised?

VPN - a Very Precarious Narrative - Dennis Schubert

A very long article about commercial VPNs, their marketing strategies, and the truth behind their privacy and security claims.


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Tweet from ABC News:

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tells @ABC News' @GStephanopoulos that the company is "looking into" a report that its users' data is publicly available via Amazon Cloud Services. t.co/44v6yA4NV4 t.co/aWbVHBzLcj



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Street battle: the activists fighting to save their neighbourhood from the tech giants


"Facebook, Google and Amazon have not just colonised the internet: their hubs, campuses and offices are taking over huge sections of cities around the world. But campaigners from New York to Toronto and Berlin are fighting back"

Solidarity from Berlin to SF to Toronto to Rennes to NYC! <3

#FuckOffGoogle #FuckOffGoogleAndCo #FuckOffAmazon

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Last RT. I participated in crowdfunding #FreedomBox some years ago. Time and again, looking at the sticker I received and put in an external hdd, I thought about what happened to the project. I am happy to see that it is alive and kicking.

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Founded on #4opens and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. Its a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access their members via #openweb projects.

"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

This project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to "boost" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.
Activists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.

Mastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.
You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.
There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.

We aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.


A note on Security and Privacy - these take a somewhat different shape within the #openweb. Have a read about our thoughts on the matter.
How are OMN projects run?