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Looking forward to this weekend’s @openrightsgroup #ORGCON19 - especially excited about the Ed Snowden interview and my opportunity to ask him a question during the Q&A. Roll on Saturday! #London #edwardsnowden #privacy

Today's ISPA UK awards no longer feature @mozilla as Internet villain.


ISPA's list of points around DNS over HTTPS are (mostly) reasonable points to consider.

Good to see some common sense break out, albeit sad that can't now win the category

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@jim Yeah, I find demonization of @mozilla really frustrating. It's emblematic of why well-intentioned people can't have nice things.

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Nominating @mozilla as Internet Villain does not seem justifiable. DoH is a response to interference with DNS, sometimes including censorship, and interception of DNS results by state actors.

It smacks of ISPAUK's members wanting to blame someone else for impacts of on UK filtering and blocking.


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Ever wonder how the Internet might look if our digital rights are traded away after #Brexit? Find out now by visiting our fully interactive parody social website, #Futurebook


#privacy #dataprotection #GDPR #FreedomofExpression #freespeech

consumer victimisation, publishers in denial 

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fuck moral support. i want immoral support. encourage me to do terrible, heinous things

Any thoughts about the levels of activity on / ? Is it picking up or slowing down? What's our evidence?

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feel like I am years late to the party, but I've got my mp3 / cd collection onto one this week, which is definitely fun

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It's back— under a new UK Espionage Act: theregister.co.uk/2019/05/20/e

Home Sec Sajid Javid proposes criminal sanctions for whistleblowers / theguardian journalists to stop any future Edward Snowden

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DNS over HTTPS is getting serious backlash in the UK because DNS poisoning plus DPI for DNS rewriting is the basis of content filtering and injunction-based blocking.

Sadly nobody remembers that people warned that "censorship is interpreted as damage" in a network.

Trying to decide if my hotel here in Almaty has flaky DNS or if is randomly blocking / reducing access to things.

archive.org definitely seems to be blocked, full stop.

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"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

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