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I can do without twitter today so an early lazy Sunday lockdown history tweet. One of the best bits of Wales which doesn’t get much history love is our hill forts. We have lots, and several have castles too!! However always liked crug Hywel. Hat tip to Tre'r Ceiri, need to visit

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European Parliament Strongly Recommends Open Source Software

"Yesterday, in plenary, the European Parliament endorsed a number of budgetary discharge reports, which include Pirate amendments urging EU institutions to predominantly use Open Source solutions. This success happened despite the joint effort of the EPP and ECR Groups to strike out these essential parts of the reports. In practice, from now on, all IT solutions developed by and for the EU institutions will first need to be assessed against the possibility of using Open Source solutions."

Read more: european-pirateparty.eu/europe

This is the kind of initiative I hoped to see from —minority language / nation nodes, in this case Wales and / or : toot.wales/explore

Today we have made a formal legal request for the app’s privacy assessment, which is still incomplete, despite moving to testing.

If the safeguards for the are insufficient we will consider legal action.


We wrote on Friday to ask for confirmation that the Data Protection Impact Assessment has been consulted on with the ICO—a basic legally necessary step—as yet, no answer.

That needs to be published, alongside the clinical justification for centralisation.

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This sounds much more inocuous than it is.

Ravi Naik’s opinion explains that many Government uses of data, including the App, may be unlawful.

Transparency is required to show why they are not.

Yet the App this week is in public beta.


This is the core of it:
“a centralised system would result in a significantly greater interference with users’ privacy and require greater justification.”

So, justify it first.

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The government’s plans for contact tracing and immunity passports should respect privacy, both at a technical level and backed by legal safeguards. This is essential for trust, writes @jim
openrightsgroup.org/blog/2020/ #COVID19

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From UCL lecturer Michael Veale:

“You wanted open source privacy-preserving Bluetooth contact tracing code? #DP3T software development kits/calibration apps for iOS and Android, and backend server, now on GitHub. iOS/Android apps with nice interface to follow. github.com/DP-3T

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The UK government must explain its approach to mobile contact tracing

Mobile data and contact tracing is a hot topic, as the UK and EU develop projects to provide privacy-protecting means of understanding who is at risk of infection.


#COVID19 #corona

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@onepict Yes, that's the one.

But it’s ok, it’s just non-personal data … so far.

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NHS Must Explain Role Of Surveillance Company #palantir

@jim said:

“Everybody’s goal must be to build trust the national response to COVID-19.

“Palantir have a poor reputation, as engaging in activities which threaten personal privacy and may lead to other human rights abuses.

“The NHS therefore needs to be extremely cautious and transparent.

“The last thing that we need as a nation at this time is for ill-thought out arrangements to generate a privacy backlash.”


Do something practical to help your neighbours, who may have difficulties with their Internet access:

Make an open, secure guest network available to your neighbours from your router. Name it:


— so your neighbours know what it’s all about @eff

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In the Coronavirus crisis, privacy will be compromised—but our right to know must not be.

The UK Government urgently needs to open up on its plans to maintain public confidence.

openrightsgroup.org/blog/2020/ #coronacrisis

As far as we know, there has been *nothing* from No 10 on data, what new measures are needed.*

Worse still, they are refusing to comment on the story about mobile telcos.

Yet data is central to tackling COVID-19.

There is a gaping hole in government announcements, but work is clearly going on.

* except on surveillance commissioners

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The Covid-19 response travel and movement is going to be monitored through your mobile data: but is the government being open and transparent?

Government *must* get this right, explain what it is doing or it risks public trust and co-operation.

This story is leaking out via journalists and news stories.

The government must be proactive and explain what it does with data.

This is not optional; or the government will add to the crisis and make it harder to manage.



But very few of the police and regulators that suspend domains have a public policy, regarding suspensions. As far as we know, there is no oversight mechanism.

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