At a meeting today with O2, EE, Vodafone, ThreeUK about mobile blocking, to discuss @openrightsgroup ’s report - make the BBFC's appeals better, stop blocking things like wedding photographers and cannabis oils

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The next is exploring the future of the book with
21st Nov
Free to sign up join us...

I'm guessing federation might make a bit unreliable for video, if your own node is low powered, and your content gets widely shared.

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I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

At today, will be interesting to see if anyone else on the fediverse is paying attention to it!

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Decided to read up on voting systems since the UK's vision despite the many systems we use is so blinkered. Amazed to find the amount of theory out there, I found and posted this. I was particularly interested in the way properties of voting systems were defined and thus became testable. Anyone want to add to my reading?

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Brexit / March 

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So if didn't organise the tube stop, why are their spokespeople defending it? They surely need to be able to keep hold of their tactics and brand, and keep the public with them. This isn't working in their favour.

However: I can't help thinking the fight will not be over. A number of organisations like the NSPCC are very committed to this policy. The AV companies will be very upset.

Are they going to simply walk away from this?

plans are halted, says Nicky Morgan MP. That's great news for the privacy of millions of UK citizens who access adult content.

The plans were extremely bad, and would have opened a market prone to user tracking, profiling and of course, leaks.

There would have been a steady stream of scams, blackmail emails, and credit card theft sites all thanks to this half-baked scheme.

We should all be very thankful that it is paused, dropped, scrapped, for now.

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From twitter 

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RT @DiEM_25
With the climate strikers marching on their front feet – and the old guard caught retreating on its heels – we have a clear opportunity to achieve true system change.

But it will require a #GreenNewDeal. This @gndforeurope

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