"Age Verification demands could become a barrier to adults reaching legal content, including news, opinion and social media. This would severely impact free expression.

"The public and Parliament deserve a thorough discussion of the implications"

@jim Out of curiosity: Are there any alternative solutions proposed to solve this problem? I'm ending up in discussions on that topic then and now, when people tend to demand that some online resources must not be available to kids, and balancing this against both freedom of information and expression and anonymous access to both seems a task virtually unresolvable. 😟

@z428 There really aren't easy answers. The question is risk management and balance, always. To be fair to proponents, children haven't been well-considered in this new world. But I also think that many of the favoured solutions for children aren't great for them either.

@jim Yes, I agree... My "favorite" solution so far has been to tell adults to take care and be aware what their kids do. But for one this is becoming increasingly difficult with kids using smartphones with internet access, it pushes people to install potentially flawed "filtering" software on those devices (which makes things even worse) and ... well, in most cases of the "real world" (buying cigaretts, buying alcohol, driving a car, ...) we do *of course* have age verification for reasons.

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