Are people here familiar with

They started off publishing a photolibrary with Creative Commons Zero licencing.

Then in 2017 they revoked the lot, and applied the “Unsplash Licence” which is incompatible with any Creative Commons licence.

I really am appalled.


You may ask: why should I care?

Aside from the breach of faith, Unsplash have formed a huge “anti-commons”.

They are not the only anti-commons, but they are among the largest, and they built their success on a vast act of enclosure.

What is the ?

It is a proprietary licencing system, which acts to prevent the use of content in the Commons, except where the new “owners” permit it.

This is how Unsplash works. You can use the content how you like in your projects, so long as the project remains closed.

If you add Unsplash content to an open licenced product — you may poison the openness.

The content cannot be fully open and redistributable.

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Meanwhile, Unsplash profit from their vast database of “free to use” content.

And they refuse to let creators signal their content as Creative Commons in any way.

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@jim The positive attitude could be to see Unsplash as a fellow-open-licence that is *competing* with CC.

I'd say that if you want to fight a battle, fight the worst offenders first. And treat Unplash as an ally in the fight against the copyright maffia. Rahter than infighting amongst the various "free and open licenses".

(Same goes for all that wasted energy of the fighting between MIT, GPL or CC and ODL and so on).

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