The means:

(1) The Home Secretary decides what content FB and Twitter must remove, and how;

(2) Companies must be able to read your private messages

(3) Services that don’t comply get banned from App Stores, blocked on ISPs


Hello, state direction of Facebook, and Twitter over what stays up, what gets deleted, and how they find it.

And hello, blocking of services and apps.

How will , , , be treated?

It is impossible to see some of these services being able to comply.

And where will fit in? Will the network subject itself to content scanning and removal, or just get blocked online and removed from App stores as “unsafe”?

@jim had a feeling this was a big motivator behind brexit.

@jim AUTHORITARIAN? Like, is there more authoritarian government than the UK? Ambassador of the #Panopticon?

@jim "could become"

Where was whoever wrote this in the last ten years? On another planet?

Suppression of online dissent has been happening for a long time. There have been wave after wave of exoduses and shutdowns.

The demise of app stores won't be lamented. App stores are just gatekeeping by megacorporations.

Government regulations won't care about Mastodon. There are no lobbyists for the open web or federated services lining the pockets of politicians. When governments issue decrees they will merely see that some servers are not complying and then try to shut them down. They won't care about the culture of federation or whether compliance is technically possible or not (see also a comparable situation with the p2p wars in the 2000s).

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