I vastly agree with this from @Edent about names and special characters.

We can throw Welsh names into the misspellings required – Siôn, Siân, Glyndŵr, to name a few.

@jim @Edent

I think these 'unusual characters' just aren't on this list. It's where this journey started in the sixties and its vestiges live on.

@gruff @Edent yep I wondered whether to mention ASCII and various pre UTF-8 bodges (anyone remember IS0-8859-14??) but thought I would not drag up that world of pain.

@jim @Edent “Usual characters”: a.k.a. a small subset of the Latin alphabet.

@jim @Edent Or German, or Polish, or Danish, or Spanish, or...

One of the factors I had to take into account when choosing my new name was ASCII-compatibility...

@jim @Edent I also love when forms seem to accept my name, but render it like this on the ticket. (That's supposed to be Kristrún. It happened twice in my last name.)

My mom also almost got rejected at the US border once because her name starts with 'Þ' and it's like that on her passport, but since we couldn't use that letter on the plane ticket we used 'Th' instead and the border agent found it suspicious

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