@onepict @jim

it seems to have been removed as a weapon in more recent German versions of Cluedo - maybe because a length of lead pipe is rarely found anywhere in Europe due to restrictions (and even criminals are worried about lead poisoning these days 😁 )


@jim Deutsch ist eine Fremdsprache fuer mich, soo.. die Namen wird etwas anders. Aber ja das war was ich meinte 🙃

@jim @Stoori womit man nicht morden kann, darueber muss man schweigen


not wrong.
"Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland."
We shall never foret.

@jim wait, you have "Gift" first pictured as a liquid and then, at the sentences, it turns into "Tabletten".
That's one big semantic jump there.

@alsternerd I’ll raise it with the publishers. Could lead to all kinds of confusion

@jim I donnot recognize the cover. Is that "German Vocabulary for Thriller Authors" or "An Introduction to Practical German for Mafia Overlords"?

Be aware when you come to Germany 😂
But there might be a story behind. (Just speculating.) Germany at the times where books became more common had no proper copyright law leading to books being cheap and not so much for intellectuals with big wallets, but rather for the masses. In that time many fictional crime stories were published. Possibly the text book is referring to that easy literature time, which would explain as well why all the methods are a bit old fashioned.

@jim that's very useful vocabulary for interacting with Germans

And I thought all you learn is "Lederhose" 😂
Greetings from Äppelwoi-Country

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