We don’t need to track everyone by the meter squared and by the second to be able to bill them. “Tracking” can take place on device, or in a massive database. We can do better than choosing a surveillance state—and reduce the potential objections.

@Tanuki @jim That was one of the suggestions the article notes...

@alcinnz @jim apologies if I missed that, the site was a bit hard to get all the way through with the amount of interstitial promoted content. But anyway this feels like a false proposition dreamt up by the fossil fuel companies, doesn't it? EVs have been targeted for special taxation in many US states

@Tanuki @jim There is some sense to it though, EVs do put more wear & tear on the roads due to how (all else being equal) heavy they are.

I'd have to reflect more to form an opinion...

There's a reason why we got addicted to fossil fuels, they're very light per joule!

@Tanuki @jim Not that I don't want to see EVs! They're certainly better than ICE vehicles!

I'd probably at least suggest to hold off on taxing EVs...

@alcinnz @jim they are also expensive at the point of purchase, and there's a sales tax so I feel like they still got me 😅

@Tanuki @alcinnz Road pricing of some sort seems a reasonable idea, long term, I would say. It's hard to tax the energy fairly, as it's just electricity; and it's hard to front load all the costs onto a vehicle purchase.

Apols for Express' unlimited advertising experience, must admit I am using brave a lot of these kinds of sites.

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