Has anyone thought about using / GNUSocial logins as the basis for a blog commenting system (using OAuth?) rather as Twitter and FB do?

Has anyone done it?

@jim @david_ross Do people still comment on blogs or just discuss everything on social media?

@jim gnusocial can act as an openID provider. Which would do what you ask together with

Not sure that #mastodon can do #openID

@boneidol Thanks! I guess each implementation would think about it. Seems a useful thing to add to Mastodon tho.

@jim I did not test it, but that's how it is supposed to work with PeerTube (a video streaming platform, not a blog one though), through ActivityPub compatibility.

@jim yes, it's been done for 10 years or so... nobody used it.

@jim I TOUGHT ABOUT ITTTT!!! just yesterday.. jeje... like each website posts something in mastodon.. u save the link and anchor it to the article on the website.. and then somehow a bot to duplicate the comments from there to the thread in mastodon (or the user uses oauth2 to a mastodon instance

@jim It’d be great if Disqus were to add this. They already support a bunch of other Oauth endpoints so I don’t see why adding mastodon would be hugely difficult.

Oh and Stack Exchange supports OpenID and lots of OAuth too.

I do wish there were more widespread support for OpenID though. It has a better use case than OAuth for this.

@jim Thats a really good idea.... I wonder how hard that would be to do... seems like all we would need to setup is an embedded view that calls out to the mastodon API

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