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jim @jim

Has anyone thought about using / GNUSocial logins as the basis for a blog commenting system (using OAuth?) rather as Twitter and FB do?

Has anyone done it?

@michiel Thanks! Will take a look.

@michiel @jim
Interesting but way to complex, was looking at the example for setting this up on my new WP blog... pwh...

needs to be

Good for but not so good for outreach...

@jim @david_ross Do people still comment on blogs or just discuss everything on social media?

@jim gnusocial can act as an openID provider. Which would do what you ask together with https://wordpress.org/plugins/comments-with-openid/

Not sure that #mastodon can do #openID

@boneidol Thanks! I guess each implementation would think about it. Seems a useful thing to add to Mastodon tho.

@boneidol Thanks! Looks like you did already :)

@jim I did not test it, but that's how it is supposed to work with PeerTube (a video streaming platform, not a blog one though), through ActivityPub compatibility.

@jim yes, it's been done for 10 years or so... nobody used it.

@jim I TOUGHT ABOUT ITTTT!!! just yesterday.. jeje... like each website posts something in mastodon.. u save the link and anchor it to the article on the website.. and then somehow a bot to duplicate the comments from there to the thread in mastodon (or the user uses oauth2 to a mastodon instance

@jim It’d be great if Disqus were to add this. They already support a bunch of other Oauth endpoints so I don’t see why adding mastodon would be hugely difficult.

Oh and Stack Exchange supports OpenID and lots of OAuth too.

I do wish there were more widespread support for OpenID though. It has a better use case than OAuth for this.

@jim Thats a really good idea.... I wonder how hard that would be to do... seems like all we would need to setup is an embedded view that calls out to the mastodon API