So, what do people think of Extinction Rebellion?

@john_sinha I think is good as far as it goes... we needed a refresh of protest. But protesting only goes so far, we need to push real existing alternatives now and keep pushing them.

@Hamishcampbell I start this thread because some of my climate activist comrades are taking a decidedly sniffy attitude towards it. I think they are mistaken

@john_sinha looking in your notification (bell) tab to find interesting conversations. If you just broadcast with out joining threads it duse not go far. It's real human relationships media which is clearly different to the driven addiction media we have become used to.

@john_sinha I've seen some YouTube clips. Stopping traffic can be an effective tactic but only if its part of a sustained campaign, not just an A to B march on a single day.

Climate change is difficult to deal with for similar reasons to those which Cory Doctorow described. What we have now is not so much climate denial as climate nihilism. It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

For most people it's all very abstract. Ethical shopping, smart meters and similar has negligible effect on the problem. The real scary stuff is still perhaps two or three decades away. Things like flooded coastal cities forcing huge migrations and big changes in where food can be grown. Perhaps accompanied by famines on a scale that has never been known before.

Also on a purely practical level environmental protesters are public enemy number one as far as the establishment is concerned. They're prepared to invest considerable resources in infiltrating and disrupting environmental groups. So any campaign should assume that's happening and plan to neutralize the effects. optimistic at their radicalness and ability to get people out. Their emphasis on process is less inspiring, but this seems endemic in the British left.
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