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Hey teenagers, pay close attention to the books people try to ban. Then make a beeline to read those books if you can. Find out for yourself why those people want that book banned. Find out for yourself if they can be trusted to know what’s best for you.

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For nearly half the world—on every continent and in rural, remote, and even urban communities alike—there is no Internet at all. Each day without Internet access is a day of lost opportunity. Community networks are a way to help bridge this connectivity gap.

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Greek Political Prisoners imprisoned and tortured during 1967-1974 dictatorship demand the release of Julian Assange and lambast the violation of International law. Protest outside the British Consulate in Thessaloniki wiseupaction.info/2021/12/30/g

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Do they still make those conversion kits where you insert some digital stuff where the film used to go?
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Are there any photographers in the flow who know a place in Joburg or SA where you can buy film for a ? Mine has been sitting in a bookshelf for 20 years and I miss it so so much. A b/w 400ASA would be first prize. 💔

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Make data open, in machine readable form + 10M

I'm my experience, beyond petty megalomania, the biggest inhibitor here is the competency to publish coherent datasets.

Unless you have appropriately digitally skilled people, doesn't matter how much you gooi at the big vendors. twitter.com/vukosi/status/1486

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Don't get me wrong, computers can absolutely help us regain our environmental efficiency. They just *aren't*.

Not as long as we're:
* constantly syncing everything to the cloud,
* expecting same-hour delivery,
* funding our clickbait via surveillance advertising,
* buying a new phone every year,
* using AIs because they're cool rather than useful,
* running bloated software & webpages,
* buying into "big data"
* etc

Computing is environmentally cheap, but it rapidly adds up!

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Google Drive’s automated monitoring system flags up the number 1 as a #copyright infringement - walledculture.org/google-drive this is not a one-off, but a foretaste of our upload filter future...

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Rare books people, a very exclusive opportunity has reopened:


There are many books whose only digital copies exist in HathiTrust, a giant locked-down database of *millions* of books & similar materials. (sometimes they're in google books too which is equally inaccessible).

Because of the resurgent pandemic HT has reopened a service which lets people view digital copies of books at their universities. Long story short, this means for a limited time it will be possible to download some of these books.

The link above is a form for making requests. You can make an unlimited(!) number of requests for books. There are 2 main restrictions:

- you need to ensure there aren't digital copies available elsewhere (we can help with this)
- you need to link to a facebook account to receive the book if they can get it (because it's run out of a fb group)

If you can jump through those hoops this is a big opportunity. If anyone wants to translate this post to help people get books in not-english that would be very welcome too.

Please spread the word to whoever you think would be interested!

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Important piece from @ITforChange Anita Gurumurthy on how the multistakeholderism model has only bolstered Big Tech machinations, and suggests new paths to reclaim our digital future from its current trajectory. botpopuli.net/rescuing-our-com via @PopuliBot

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More fun publisher surveillance:
Elsevier embeds a hash in the PDF metadata that is *unique for each time a PDF is downloaded*, this is a diff between metadata from two of the same paper. Combined with access timestamps, they can uniquely identify the source of any shared PDFs.

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🚨: On India's Republic Day, Indian authorities suspend mobile internet services in .

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The problem withGwede’s oil and gas plan. We have offshore oil and gas, it lies very deep and is expensive and hard to extract, which is why it’s not been done yet. Mossgas failed. Thanks to high oil and gas prices and technological developments, it’s marginal but can be done.

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Ola Bini’s report on his 1st week of trial, again interrupted before defence witnesses could speak: As usual in my process, there were a huge number of new violations.

@SauvonsAssange @olabini @dieguitocazar

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@deianeira I have a frontend of a minimalistic (web)app for bicycle touring community to be designed and implemented, as part of openHospitality.network let me know if that would be something potentially interesting for you.

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This is why I'm so supportive of 3rd party services like #Mycroft. This app isn't even required. It's a shortcut, and it still has a billion installs. Google listens to billions of people, all the time. The amount of data this allows them to gather on everyone, not just users of their devices, is unfathomable.


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