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Still wondering whether "Internet Office Hours" is an idea worth pursuing. Just be available for video calls at a particular time every week and see who calls (outside of my work context). Free software people, fediverse followers, RPG enthusiasts, anybody? Call me via Signal and video chat, something like that?

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Lately I've been feeling the urge to learn more about computer basics: building one, trying to make Linux work, etc. Maybe I should pick up a raspberry pi and just start noodling. 🤔

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Wiki Comparison dataset: a simple data snapshot comparing all Wikimedia wikis across many metrics. Updated annually (new 2020 data just in!)

By @katealamode, @nshahquinn & team


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DRM disaster - Cy Borg: cyb.org.uk/2021/02/22/drm-disa

I don't think I need to discuss how much I hate DRM, the question is: what we can we do about it?

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Need something to watch on #TILvids tonight? Check out "The Essential Software Tools of 90s Kids", featuring ICQ, Winzip, Cute FTP, and GetRight! Totally rad!


#90skid #PeerTube

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analysis of white supremacy & antiblackness on wikipedia 

Okay. We scrolled through every single article featured on the english #Wikipedia front page ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi ) from 1 June 2020 through the end of this month, February 2021 (they're planned out in advance).

Out of all the featured articles, 64 were directly about an individual (the page title was just the name of the person).

Of those 64:
- 50 were white
- 1 was neither Black nor white
- 5 were Black
- 8 we couldn't tell (people from the ancient world mostly)

Of the 5 articles directly about Black individuals:
- 2 were about fictional characters

This was done very fast & loose, so anyone who wants to check our work or build on it is welcome to do so. Questions & comments also welcome.

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🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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pscp.tv/Anonymousbitesback/1Ly Bear in mind when listening to this, that the International Criminal Court claims jurisdiction where a government is *unable or unwilling to prosecute*. Hence the obscene foot-dragging detailed by McBride: token compliance.

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RT @netblocks@twitter.com

Confirmed: #Myanmar has blocked all language editions of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, part of a widening post-coup internet censorship regime imposed by the military junta 📚

Network data show restriction in effect on major providers.

📰 Report: netblocks.org/reports/internet

🐦🔗: twitter.com/netblocks/status/1

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"Armed with a privileged education, these assimilados were faced with a dilemma: either to struggle for their self-advancement in the framework of colonial society or to arm themselves culturally to challenge and destroy the system of domination. In other words, it was a matter of choosing between two views of life: either individual ascent by accepting the system’s rules, or total rejection, in effect breaking away in order to open the way to freedom for the strata most oppressed by colonialism."

Mario de Andrade, writing of the African students in portugal who founded the liberation movements that defeated an empire.

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"As a concept, one might compare Wikidata to a busy train station. There are millions of links between data points and interlinks to other open datasets."

Here's how journalists can bring Wikidata into their data storytelling, via @datajournalism. datajournalism.com/read/longre

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We have authored 12280 statuses on this server and are federated with 3519 instances. This is an #automated #NodeRed message

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If you missed today’s S’update live stream, you can watch the recording on ar.al (I demonstrated the new small web place setup flow, including cloning the reference client).

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Coming from the WordPress world, it is so cool to be featured on the Tavern! Thank you! 😍

"Taking on the Major Players, Plausible Analytics Offers an Alternative, Privacy-Conscious Stats Service"


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