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Wikipedia as an example of Michel Foucault's "heterotopia" concept ("an alternative but not an idyllic alternative") tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10 by @Michael_KCL

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#OMN all our project need help if you have time or know anyone who would be interested, it's radical grassroots #DIY web dev/hosting

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Us pol, guns, cars 

Cars are more dangerous than guns and it's easier to keep cars out of our cities than guns (even if we agreed the later was desirable).

The US gun problem is a US problem. The US car problem is killing people all over the world.

Even if liberals were able to get rid of guns, fash would still be killing people with cars... Like they already do now.


If you do not leave the pool immediately we will be forced to open fire. For your own safety.
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Spending $800 an hour to fly the helicopter to tell kids to get out of the pool because we don’t have money for lifeguards just sums up America perfectly. twitter.com/phriendlyphotog/st

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“10% error rate is okay” - Leaked EU Commission document regarding Chat Control, the law that requires the mass surveillance of messages and photos

Link to Wayback Machine

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I'm mighty stoked and excited to let you all know about a new boutique consultancy my partner and I have launched.

It's called Nīkau, and it's got a lot to give. nikau.io

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Mark Swilling discusses the impending collapse of South Africa’s electricity grid youtu.be/NiJgytjMk4c via @YouTube

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On this day last year 1 July 2021 📆 enforcement powers came into effect

"We have been accomodative of responsible parties but that has come to an end, we will be using our enforcement power" Adv Tlakula.

If you missed the briefing, watch here👇🏾 youtube.com/watch?v=sR1UnU7bR-

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Studying digital education in times of climate crisis: what can we do? Excessive digital tech is the problem. Reduce the amount of tech? media.ed.ac.uk/playlist/dedica

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@netzpolitik_org@twitter.com 🇬🇧 Leak: EU Commission expects millions of false reports as a result of the EU #ChatControl law and error-prone algorithms.

Intimate chat histories and legal nudes would end up in the hands of unknown persons.

Read more: patrick-breyer.de/en/leak-on-c


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EE and @EElawcentre joint statement: Minister Motshekga’s proposed new changes to the school infrastructure law will see schools falling apart for many more years, seriously undermining the right to basic education

Full statement: equaleducation.org.za/2022/06/

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In honor of Pride Month, School of Data Science Wikimedian-in-Residence Lane Rasberry shares how to use data science to edit Wikipedia and advance LGBT activism.🏳️‍🌈

For a complete list of LGBT Wikipedia links mentioned in this video, head to our website.


So it's a chicken & egg problem. For starters, why don't citizens simply require the books of parties be open? Funders & voters basically compete for influence in a party, so voting without transparency is like signing a blank cheque.

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Amusingly, these proposals end off with "but we also need more active citizenry." Where we already have a blended PR/geographical constituency system (local govt), how many know the name or even the party of their ward councillor? How many ward committees actually function?
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On Politics 360 Political Analyst @EbrahimFakir explains what the direct election of the President means, how it would work and how it would differ fr…

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So #starlink is sending every customer an email asking them to lobby the FCC and congress over a spectrum dispute.

Of course I am not interested in lobbying on behalf of Musk.

The email does not include any way to unsubscribe from future emails of this sort.

Nice side benefit of starlink, that Musk can just send any email he wants to get you to do his bidding.

I tried to find a way this violates CAN-SPAM, I'd really love to soak him for $46,517 (even if it meant having to spend half of that to buy fiber after he cut off the internet). But I fear it probably does not..

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