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<< Western Digital, maker of the popular My Disk external hard drives, is recommending customers unplug My Disk Live storage devices from the Internet until further notice while company engineers investigate unexplained compromises that have completely wiped data from devices around the world. >>

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windows 11 

"there is no personal computing without personal agency," -- Satya Nadella

(That's a bit rich coming from a company that is pulling more and more choice away from users and dragging functionality into the cloud.

(Note: I've been using FLOSS since 1993. There is literally nothing you can say that I haven't heard 15 times over. I'm tired. Please help me to not regret posting this. Your cooperation is appreciated.)

should start with the individual. If we choose to store our data under another jurisdiction than our "own," it must be allowed.
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"BRICs: Brazil, Russia, South Africa, which is generally a low-profile grouping, but that is increasingly elaborating digital policies that have an impact on a global scale." But what does this mean for our data? @FGV's @1lucabelli explains:


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Map data is shockingly easy to fake, from ‘Pokémon Go’ to satellite images
It’s time for new mapping ethics fastcompany.com/90648174/map-d

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Texas power companies won't say who loses power in controlled blackouts & who doesn't. Researcher found that smart meters emit data that reveals this. So he went wardriving in Dallas & collected it from 7,000 meters dailydot.com/debug/hacker-smar
And made video youtube.com/watch?v=Y_sh605Q7o

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@UNESCO_fr "Right to Language as a Human Right" 💚

Also, stupid. People with something serious to hide will soon start using systems where some content remains hidden (& undetectable) until a second (non-obvious/unprompted) unlocking action is taken. E.g. .
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Irish police will have the power to compel people to provide passwords for electronic devices when carrying out a search warrant under new legislation.


This is a f…

Sometimes these transit notifications are the first/only realtime indications to the rest of the city, of protest activity. Also, helicopters. Later, alternative media like @GroundUp_News will fill in the gaps.
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Routes T01, T04, and D08 will short turn at Potsdam station for passenger safety.

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We're Hiring! OpenUp is currently looking for a talented Project Manager to join the team. Apply now: buff.ly/2Uz1NCd

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The Turkish power ships got rejected *and* Charlotte Maxeke is re-opening? What's next, The J&J jabs arriving on time? What country am I in?

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Reading about Chinese miniApps. Another sort of web dystopia. The apps themselves are built from more or less standard web parts, but in order to be mini in size they piggyback on a "super app" which must be preinstalled. And as far as I can tell the super app is - you guessed it - a closed proprietary black box coming from a megacorp.

The miniapp is entirely dependent upon the superapp for its core functionality. So this provides a convenient way for everything to be backdoored.


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#FDroid made it to #Jolla Store! 🎉 We hope #SailfishOS users can get good use out of our modest repository of 3500+ #FLOSS #apps.

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The Royal Navy, which illegally occupies the Chagos Islands and trained with Israel's military last week, decides to 'make a point' about Russia illegally occupying Crimea in a bid to 'uphold international law'.

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My latest Inside the Digital Society blog for APC is about changing ways of thinking about 'digital divide(s)' and the changing spectrum of access, usage and impact entailed: apc.org/en/blog/inside-digital

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