All tests passing and the binary running flawlessly ON A FREAKIN’ RASPBERRY PI ZERO! :awesome:


Wanna blow up my Raspberry Pi Zero?

Here, have some random ASCII cows:

You can also see the stats for this session here:

(I just want to see how it performs. Will turn it off at some point and delete this tweet when I do.) :)

#SiteJS #RaspberryPi

Watching your requests streaming in and the little Raspberry Pi Zero handling them like a champ ;)

Hahaha, folks are using 404 errors to send messages. 💕 it! :)

Hi @drq 👋


How does Site.js perform on a Raspberry Pi Zero W? Pretty darn well, I’d say 🤓

Nearly three thousand requests with folks from Poland to California :) I think I’ll keep it running until it reaches about 10,000 and then give the little Pi a rest and call it a day!

:wave: @gid


Got a question from @RadicalEdward about how the Raspberry Pi Zero is exposed to the Internet: It’s via ngrok and I’m very impressed with how that’s handling itself as well (it’s an awesome service and worth every penny – both @laura and I have Pro accounts there).

Right folks, almost 6,000 requests last I checked. Going to turn it off now.

Thank you all for playing and for your very creative 404 messages ;)


Conclusion: you can host a personal site/app/etc. with Site.js on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

#SiteJS #RaspberryPi

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