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are meant to improve the lives of citizens, make governance more effective & resource consumption more efficient. Don't miss out on detailed discussions on smart cities by the 4⃣th panel

Register here:bit.ly/3FiUamq

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Is Sci-Hub a pirate infrastructure? (or a legit initiative)

Don't miss this @EPFLcdh / @lhst_epfl seminar on 'Governing Digital Knowledge Infrastructures' with Pierre Mounier @piotrr70 & Chérifa Boukacem @BoukacemZeg - More info: memento.epfl.ch/event/governin

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@urbanjodi This also means that if a candidate of one party is more approachable and answers reasonable questions on Twitter, then our friendly exchanges will tend to suggest that I support their party. I suspect this is what has put me in the “orange” cluster of @bluebiscotti’s graphic.

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I wasn't properly awake but great to be interviewed by @bbcBola on @bbcworldservice on our new @ADRNorg @IDS_UK research on protecting citizens against violations of rights in Egypt Kenya Nigeria Senegal South African and Sudan. ids.ac.uk/projects/surveillanc

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Be sure to join us on the 27th of October 2021, 11:00, at our upcoming webinar, as we unpack everything related to Prior Authorisation. To register and be part of the conversation use this link gcis.zoom.us/webinar/register/

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The Regulator’s Member, Professor Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze, will be on @ligwalagwalaFM tonight at 20:15 discussing cyber security and the obligation of responsible parties to report security compromises.

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EXPOSED: King’s daughter Sikhanyiso’s letter directing mobile operators to shutdown internet as pro-democracy protests intensify. swazilandnews.co.za/fundza.php

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ICT Deputy Minister Hon. Emma Theofelus, @UNESCOWindhoek @ISOCNamibia and Law Reform & Development Commission held Regional consultations and awareness campaign on the draft Access to Information Bill in Kavango East and Zambezi Regions respectively.

Sleight of hand. After explaining that provincial and national elections will in future have something that municipal ones always had, it claims something has changed at municipal level.
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The @OneSA_Movement advert for the November 1 local government elections is out and it brilliantly explains how you the voter can take back your power in this election.


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Important letter from the Irish anti-war movement to @simoncoveney calling on the Irish govt to fight for the freedom of Julian .


Signatures include Mairead Maguire

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Our objective is to build a radical municipalist movement in Cape Town as an alternative and distinct political home for the many who have become distrustful and fed up with current political groups.

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Hey scientists, did you know most of your lab plastic you throw away is #5, polypropylene? And instead of just pitching it, you can shred and melt it into new stuff!

These were brought by Kristen from the EEG lab in Naos at @stri_panama

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Reminder! collective @cypurrnyc are hosting an event at Library tomorrow, Saturday October 16, 2021 from 2pm - 3pm, details at this link bklynlibrary.org/calendar/cypu
Special guest: @cryptoharlem livestream cohost @sa0un Remote & in-person.

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What is encryption and why is it key to protect your rights?

Join our twitter chats, as part of the campaign.

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Did you know that @kateregga1 will be getting candid about at Africatech radio today?
Tune into africatechradio.com/ @africatechradio At 10:30 am WAT to join the conversation.

Presumably the 1675 km/h derives from earth's rotation at a certain latitude (probably the equator). Then there's Earth's orbit around the sun, and the sun's path through the cosmos...
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Media Statement: Election Campaigning and Processing of Personal Information of Voters. Link 👉 justice.gov.za/inforeg/media.h

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