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Massively under-appreciated point:

Shifting from gas boilers to electric heat pumps would cut heating gas demand by two-fifths, even when running on 100% gas power, because burning fossil fuels is wasteful and heat pumps are magic*

Allow me to explain…

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On Saturday, 8/27 at 2:00 p.m. Alison Macrina (@flexlibris) is leading a workshop called "How to Search for Reproductive Health Info Without Being Tracked." We aren't doing registration, so mark your calendar!

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During the height of the pandemic, many Indigenous communities reached out to @rhizomatica for help. It opened up a branch of work within Rhizomatica around HF radio in terms of helping communities become autonomous.

RT @Dr_LCorredor
WONDERFUL NEWS‼️ Judge John Koeltl assigned to alleging spied on visitors at d Ecuadorian Embassy 👌

In 2018 he dismissed “with prejudice” a civil lawsuit by the @DNC vs. / @wikileaks & upheld WikiLeaks' Right To Publish. 👏 thedissenter.org/judge-assigne

RT @WikiLovesWomen
After the Tunisian Arab Spring @EmnaMizouni realised that there was little info about the culture & heritage of her country.

On she speaks to @Miss_BKB about why she started @Carthagina & what inspires her to continue in a patriarchal society.

👉 bit.ly/IO-EmnaMizouni

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An extremely sensible idea. NATO and EU are not pushing for peace in Ukraine; on the contrary, they are pushing for a never-ending war to weaken Russia and strengthen US hegemony.

RT @TheGreenConnect
Civil society held a blockade action yesterday, calling for @DMRE_ZA to halt offshore oil and gas exploration to protect coastal community livelihoods. To be part of the movement sign the petition.

How doest it compare to other sovereign wealth funds?
RT @rubenbmathisen
Norway’s oil fund is big. But just how big?

Here’s one way to see it:

It’s bigger than the combined wealth of the richest 10 people in the world.


Just as during the Potato Famine, exports of wheat & beef to England continued, guarded by the redcoats.
RT @AfricaInstitut2
@Concern @gabster0112 @Dochasnetwork @GOAL_Global @OxfamIreland @trocaire @joefingalgreen @OireachtasNews @Irish_Aid @Comhlamh @Genny11801602 @teagasc @cbteagasc @farmersjournal @MacranaFeirme @AgriAware Meanwhile, Shops in🇮🇪are selling 🥦🥬 from🇰🇪🇪🇹🇿🇼even at this very time!
“70% of green beans produced in🇰…

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Bad Cops. Bad Lawyers. Join Open Secrets and the Financial Mail next week Thursday, at 13h00 to discuss Open Secrets' latest investigative report on the officials at the NPA and Hawks delaying justice for state capture crimes.

RSVP here: bit.ly/3Aivb1U

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Join our Twitter Space tomorrow, 16 August, at 18:00 to discuss the @StateSecurityRS infiltration of civil society! >> bit.ly/3bRr6Zk

Such comments are either disingenuous or ignorant: ANC politicians are mainly in danger from each other.
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Only politicians who know they despised, Unfit for the role , visionless, corrupt need to walk and have multiple car escorts.

If you aware the people love you , this expense is not needed

@alfred_cabonena @ViviMpikashe


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The repression of activism through state surveillance must end! STOP intelligence structures, like the @StateSecurityRS, from intruding in democratic spaces! Join our Twitter Space on 16 August at 6pm >> bit.ly/3bRr6Zk 

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What do we want? Name and investigate the spies!

When do we want it? NOW! Join our Twitter Space on 16 Augusts at 6pm >> bit.ly/3bRr6Zk 


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What do we want? @PresidentCyrilRapamaphosa to implement all recommendations of the High Level Review Panel on State Security! Join our Twitter Space on 16 August at 6pm >> bit.ly/3bRr6Zk 


Possibly pursuing a repeat of the Pentagon Papers case dismissal.
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Breaking: Julian Assange's lawyers are suing Mike Pompeo in the United States (fmr CIA chief and Sec of State) as well as UC Global (Spanish security contractor) for spying on them and while he was in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Russia has invited UN inspectors to monitor, but the UN won't send them without Ukraine approval; Ukraine demands Russian withdrawal first finance.yahoo.com/news/russia-
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Guerre en Ukraine : 42 pays demandent le départ des troupes russes de la centrale de Zaporijjia lalibre.be/international/europ

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Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn at Massacre Commemoration: Assange is guilty of telling the truth. Stand By Julian Assange and all other truthtellers around the world. @StellaMoris1

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Sick Codes has jailbroken a John Deere, and this is just the beginning. Turns out our entire food system is built on outdated, unpatched Linux and Windows CE hardware with LTE modems.

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