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with — disrupt the matrix of domination with more participation by women and gender-diverse folks!

For stories and tips on how to disrupt these bottom-up approaches, check out ➡️ @GenderITorg twitter.com/APC_News/status/15

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The work of women in Africa are extraordinary. Their engagement is electric in policy spaces like @Africaigf apc.org/en/node/38150/ @Msmiliza @HariraWakili @APC_News @cydmalawi @risper_arose @tunapandanet @jane_coffin

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Getting to this level means we successfully engaged different categories of people in the communities and convinced them to accept the concept of Here our site leaders helping to set up the 1st center for Thank you @APC_News @achom_lillian

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Our are a holistic approach to digital inclusion. They are women-led, citizen-driven networks that are deployed, operated and maintained by communities in a way that aligns with their local needs and priorities. Let's build an inclusive ecosytem for the future.

If you couldn't be arsed with registration etc. watch it on the tube: youtube.com/c/AccessnowOrg
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📢Today! 17:15 UTC (12:15 MEXICO)
South-south approaches to strengthen sustainability of networks

👉Join @KarlaVRamos and @_brunaz_ from LocNet initiative, led by @APC_News and @rhizomatica, at this session hosted by @article19org @rightscon


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Future Innovators.
One of them said guys; we must tell our grannies about this place. They will allow us to come here because they want us to study and become educated 📝
@Computer_Aid @internetsociety @ISOC_Africa @CommsZA @michaelgraaf @dotZADNA @BroadbandIndigo @KichoseTech

With hosting local content, they can take on Hollywood, Bollywood & Nollywood too!
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'Local is king': Africa's online platforms take on Silicon Valley ettelecom.com/s/dkmjd5w

meet local needs in local ways. The Mamaila community's language, KheLobedu, is not an official one, but they are able to distribute KheLobedu videos for free on their local network. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobedu_p
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@CommsZA @DtpsZA @Khu_Ntshavheni, Communities can assist with solutions provided the environment is enabling. We have done it. Our survival depends on the behaviour of…

Under way now.
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I am really honored to be part of the panelist in the discourse on Women in the Africa Community Network Movement.
@tunapandanet @ISOC_Africa twitter.com/ISOC_Africa/status

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Join us this Wednesday to learn about the opportunities available for women who want to get involved in

Register through this link:

@ekisesta @Kgoshikgadikd @APC_News @ISOCUg @ISOC_Africa @jane_coffin @Msmiliza @AccessPluss

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Today marks the maiden anniversary of the national launch of Zimbabwe's first community Network in rural Buhera District. Murambinda CN was launched by the Honorable Minister of ICT and Courier Service Dr Jenfan Muswere on the 14th of May 2021.

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Women in the Africa Movement the next session of the Virtual Summit on Community Networks in Africa, facilitated by Sol Luca Tena of @ZenzeleniNet. Register to join the event on 18 May 2022 at 12:00 UTC

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Check out our latest blog post by Open AIR researcher Kgopotso Ditshego Magoro entitled “Digital Mandhwane: Enabling Inclusive Digital Transformation in Rural South Africa” openair.africa/digital-mandhwa

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