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are meant to improve the lives of citizens, make governance more effective & resource consumption more efficient. Don't miss out on detailed discussions on smart cities by the 4⃣th panel

Register here:bit.ly/3FiUamq

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Mesh++ raises $4.9M to make the world more connected than ever tcrn.ch/30Qnp00 via @TechCrunch @stevesong @cashel @JohnDGarrity

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Is Sci-Hub a pirate infrastructure? (or a legit initiative)

Don't miss this @EPFLcdh / @lhst_epfl seminar on 'Governing Digital Knowledge Infrastructures' with Pierre Mounier @piotrr70 & Chérifa Boukacem @BoukacemZeg - More info: memento.epfl.ch/event/governin

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There are so many useful tools around Wikidata that it's easy to overlook some of the best ones or miss some completely. The new Wikimedia Toolhub makes it easy to find the tool you need: toolhub.wikimedia.org

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more on trump making mastodon based service. talkingpointsmemo.com/muckrake aparently they modified the code(bad for security very bad) and not respecting the GPL and pushing up-stream... #fucktrump #respectGPL

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Today @Jan_Ainali and I are hosting our first @govdirectory collaboration hour! So if you are looking to get started with Govdirectory by editing Wikidata, contributing to the open-source project, or just want to chat we will be there! twitter.com/govdirectory/statu

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@urbanjodi This also means that if a candidate of one party is more approachable and answers reasonable questions on Twitter, then our friendly exchanges will tend to suggest that I support their party. I suspect this is what has put me in the “orange” cluster of @bluebiscotti’s graphic.

Let's face it, 's debt (which is effectively a national one) is largely a climate debt. We have been smelting other people's aluminium at a loss for 40 years. @Tuniciap
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In this @mailandguardian piece, Tunicia Phillips, a reporting fellow funded by OSF-SA, shines the spotlight on @COP26, in the hopes that the event takes a step toward resolving challenges related to losses & damage from extreme weather…

One wonders whether the Outer Space treaty needs to be revised... corporations love to get outside of jurisdictions...
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Meet Starlab: Private Space Station Planned To Fly In 2027 bit.ly/3nb7tNm

Two quibbles: not all Metros use the mayoral committee model (alternative is multi-party Exec. Comm); and, when counting candidate votes toward PR, only those of the unsuccessful candidates are used.
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After launching mycandidate.opencitieslab.org/ the No.1 FAQ by FAR has been "why are these candidates running in so many wards?" Is that allowed? Why do they do that? Well, its not about the ward ballot, but about h…

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I am seriously struggling to comprehend why patients never ask us about any side effects on most meds we administer: orally, intravenously or any other route. They are happy to accept that we know what we are doing, as long as the drip runs… but they doubt a simple vaccine.

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Wow. It seems that the new Trump Social Network is a Mastodon fork. Nextcloud Social is also using ActivityPub as the same API. I guess we need to implement strong new blocking features now. theverge.com/2021/10/21/227382

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DA is against expropriation without compensation but if you’re poor in the DA run City of Cape Town it exercises the right to expropriate your meagre possessions without compensation. So in actual fact they only want to protect the property of the rich, not the poor and homeless.

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"We need to move from the more circumscribed arena of algorithmic accountability, to the larger question of how algorithmic systems shape our capacity to dissent." –@SareetaAmrute medium.com/a-new-ai-lexicon/a-

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I wasn't properly awake but great to be interviewed by @bbcBola on @bbcworldservice on our new @ADRNorg @IDS_UK research on protecting citizens against violations of rights in Egypt Kenya Nigeria Senegal South African and Sudan. ids.ac.uk/projects/surveillanc

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Be sure to join us on the 27th of October 2021, 11:00, at our upcoming webinar, as we unpack everything related to Prior Authorisation. To register and be part of the conversation use this link gcis.zoom.us/webinar/register/

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SADC envoy will get to , check into a nice hotel, consult the monarchy and government ministers, schedule meetings with 2 civic actors just for appearances and leave. We will not hear from them again. twitter.com/bdlivesa/status/14

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