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"When you come from Africa, the region where I come from, there's this underrepresentation. We're not so much included in whatever that is happening." Watch @Tochiprecious3 here ow.ly/rBZB50Kgly7 talk about underrepresented communities.

@redfrog Poorly researched. While some in do affect the global "lmao", we have local ones like Kikiki and Kl kl kl

The B52 bomber still going strong at 70 years. Also permanently based at Diego Garcia in the illegally occupied Chagos archipelago of Mauritius. northantslive.news/news/northa

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Of all WikiLeaks's releases, Vault 7 was the one most damaging to the CIA, not least because it appeared to be an inside job. A suspect was identified based on (perceived) motive and opportunity. There was no evidence, but he has been convicted and faces 80 years in jail. covertactionmagazine.com/2022/

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Massively under-appreciated point:

Shifting from gas boilers to electric heat pumps would cut heating gas demand by two-fifths, even when running on 100% gas power, because burning fossil fuels is wasteful and heat pumps are magic*

Allow me to explain…

Just a wild guess, but those Stinger shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles are probably selling well in Serbia right now.
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Most American arms for Ukraine end up on a black market, according to a CBS News investigation. Deja vu Vietnam, Iraq et al. Read how CBS is being punished for this outburst of real journalism.

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Finally, our most read piece of 2021: @FarmingPathogen & @maxajl's critique of lab meat, demands for compulsory veganism & the, at best, casualness of its advocates towards its consequences for peasants, pastoralists and small farmers. newsocialist.org.uk/red-vegans

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On Saturday, 8/27 at 2:00 p.m. Alison Macrina (@flexlibris) is leading a workshop called "How to Search for Reproductive Health Info Without Being Tracked." We aren't doing registration, so mark your calendar!

Don't let the revolving door hit you on your way out! Surely there should be some restraint-of-trade clause between being a player & a ref? Is this a quid pro quo for killing the WOAN? mybroadband.co.za/news/telecom

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During the height of the pandemic, many Indigenous communities reached out to @rhizomatica for help. It opened up a branch of work within Rhizomatica around HF radio in terms of helping communities become autonomous.

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WONDERFUL NEWS‼️ Judge John Koeltl assigned to alleging spied on visitors at d Ecuadorian Embassy 👌

In 2018 he dismissed “with prejudice” a civil lawsuit by the @DNC vs. / @wikileaks & upheld WikiLeaks' Right To Publish. 👏 thedissenter.org/judge-assigne

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In our recent complaint to the ICO we argue that the UK Home Office policy of using GPS tags to monitor migrants breaches data protection laws and violates individuals’ right to privacy. 👉pvcy.org/ICOgpstags

#StopGPSTaggingMigrants #DignityNotData

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In response to our RTI request, @DelhiPolice revealed they deem facial recognition tech results over 80% similarity as positive, even using it in Kisan Rally riots & other cases!🧵on why this is dystopian but first an appeal to help us fight such use:

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NEW: A group of hackers took over a decommissioned satellite and used it to stream a conference talks and hacker movies.

“What do you do with a satellite? What does a hacker do with a satellite? You have some fun with it,” @supersat told me.


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