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Nonetheless the DA's bluff should be called. Public Works has plenty of well-located sites. Give the city some of them and see what it does in the next 5 years.
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Good party's mayoral candidate, Brett Herron hits back at his counterpart, Geordin Hill-Lewis. 

Lewis - DA mayoral candidate - has demanded release of land parcels for housing from Public Works (de Lille).

Herron says the move by Lewis is childish & lacks legislat…

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Cross-border Data Flows, a roadmap for Africa!
Dr Alison Gillwald (@alison_gillwald) will be participating in the eTrade-AUC Digital Trade Dialogue at 14:00 SAST.
She joins Deborah James (@deborah_james), Olufemi Daniel (@NITDANigeria) & Michael Murungi

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Number of Guardian articles about a Jeremy Corbyn purge that never happened or was ever going to happen - 500

Number of Guardian articles about an 18 month ongoing Keir Starmer purge that very much is happening - 0

Don't you just love a free and fair press.


Especially if that deferred gratification could still be snatched from you...
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Working your whole life just to 'enjoy' a few years when you're close to death is one of the biggest scams

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With Xi's announcement at the UNGA to stop building new coal plants overseas, a deeper dive on what to make of it and what does it tell us about China's climate diplomacy. Thread

Those delusions are just straw-clutching at the old "terra nullius" racist trope. Mars has no pesky Tauregs getting underfoot. Plus, nukes won't be regulated!
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There's nowhere on Mars as easy to terraform as the middle of the Sahara desert. There's more water, more oxygen, more life, in the middle of the desert, than on mars. And the land is so cheap it's practically free! And it's accessible: you can get there in …

Dogmatically conflating livestock with horrific industrial feedlots/batteries, simply because that's the dominant model,disrespects those who have & do practice low-impact pastoralism, often where crop production is impractical (without unsustainable aquifer &/or soil depletion).
NEW REPORT: Are livestock always bad for the planet?

Not all meat and milk is the same: we need a more sophisticated debate on livestock …

There's probably an additional agenda at play: the source of the fuel. The US has a glut of Liquefied Natural Gas due to subsidised fracking.
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Giving reasons means it can be used against you in court. We won't be seeing reasons anytime soon. This is about cadres who are going hungry...

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Community networks from Asia, Africa and Latin America gather online to share experiences, learnings and resources via @APC_News

That time the Brits burned down the White House. Interesting how some wars are named after a year, others an enemy.
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The US has not been invaded since the War of 1812, yet has convinced its population that it has been waging almost continuous “defensive” warfare across the globe since the end of WWII. Breathless tone unnecessary; loss of magnetic shield (due to end of tectonic activity) would tend to go with small size. Rather than being a new discovery, this supports previous findings.

That, and inserting the word "dump" before "guardian" so an archived version of the article is loaded, denying traffic to the , since it's gone rogue.
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My love language is removing tracking parts from URLs before sharing them.

Will they cancel existing plans though, e.g. in Africa? First they nip COVID in the bud, now they try to save the climate. Damn commies trying to make us look bad.

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A company called ShadowDragon is providing advanced social media surveillance software to gov't, police, intel, and corporations, sucking information across websites, chat apps, the dark web, and more. My latest at @theintercept:

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EU plans to legislate for common phone charger despite Apple grumbles

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Hacking and leaking never stopped: it just slowed down and become more deliberate (and safer, re: not getting vanned):

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BlindSA and SECTION27 today welcome an order of the High Court of South Africa (Gauteng, Pretoria Division) declaring that the Copyright Act of 1978 is invalid for violating the rights of people who are blind or visually impaired. Via @DeniseNicholson

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📢 Job Opening: Mobile Developer for OONI Probe

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Apply by 31st October 2021!

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Apply for a scholarship to attend Wiki Indaba remotely (for data, childcare, whatever, up to $100)

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