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If you use the @FediFollows directory (at, when you click on an account's follow button it will ask you to enter your own Mastodon address, in a process called "remote follow".

Remote follows are annoying as you have to keep entering your details again and again, even though you've already logged in on your home server 🤬

Fortunately, there is now a solution, a new plug-in for Firefox browsers called "Mastodon Simplified Federation":

When the plug-in is installed, you don't need to enter your address any more when doing remote follows 👍

The plug-in is written by @rugk and you can find out more info at

(Thanks @aral for mentioning this plugin!)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #RemoteFollows #Follows #RemoteFollow #Follow #Following #FireFox #Plugin

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Special announcement:

Open Source Gardens (which connects gardeners around the world that use open source seeds) has moved to a new address:

➡️ @opensourcegardens

The old address ( will forward you to the new one (, and any existing followers will be automatically moved.

I'm doing this announcement because their new server federates with a lot more of the Fediverse.

If you were unable to follow their old address, you might want to try following their new address 👍

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🇬🇧I am outraged: EU effectively prohibits anonymous payments in #crypto.

We should have a right to be able to pay and donate online without our financial transactions being recorded in a personalised way!

Find out more

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Few s know there's a dormant US base in Botswana; denouncing it was what got Malema expelled from the ANC.
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The United States extends its military reach into Zambia : ⁦@vijayprashad⁩ speaks with Dr. Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party about the reach and impact of the United States Africa Command in Zambia

One imagines the embedded carbon footprint of manufacture of all that machinery means it takes years to break even.
RT @PGDynes
WOW! 36 seconds worth of global emissions per year. We’re saved! “Mammoth' new air capture plant will suck up 36,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in Iceland” DAC is a waste of limited energy and resources.

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I definitely never expected that our time spend standardizing ActivityPub would be the subject of academic research, but I've been interviewed for several dissertations/theses about it.

Let's make a thread! Who's done, or is doing, academic research about the fediverse?

Grid-tied, understandable. Off-grid, ridiculous! Where do you draw the line? What is a "system"? If your power bank has some PV cells on it, you have to kiss ass?
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What in the TV license is this?

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Perside Ndandu just gave a deeply insightful paper on dagga politics and mining recruitment in SA. Panel chair Prinisha Badassy just reminded us, 2022 marks 100 years since dagga laws were introduced in Mzansi. First dagga arrest in 1926 in Komatipoort. @archive_apc

About time. But we still want to know the story of the previous mysterious delay, which ended when the Koeberg chief exec was fired, & was followed by the incident of an ex-employee crashing through the security, only to be arrested in the parking...

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Billionaire’s space rockets are destroying the planet

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Our latest episode of System Fail is now available with Spanish, Portuguese, French and English subtitles #ParoNacionalEC #SystemFail

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In terms of section 61 (2) the Regulator has received a Code of Conduct that deals with how personal information will be processed in the banking sector . Affected parties are invited to make comments to the Code of Conduct by 8 July 2022.

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