I don't mean that covid is punishing anyone per-se.

More that the system itself has imploded because it is built on sand and lies.
Covid just highlighted a massive weakness at its core.

Alternatives exist. We just need the average Joe to realise and believe in themselves; that they can take better care of themselves and their local community.

And without causing harm.

Permaculture, bitches!

And not the hippy food-only version; but the design science that it actually is!



The "western" world is finally experiencing a backlash for it's abuses to it's own people and others, and life in general.

For the folk out there who still want their jobs and "security", now is the time to realise that everything does not immediately collapse when you don't go to work all day, every day, never stopping like some perpetual motion automata.

Now is the opportunity to turn your back on politicians and businesses and remake your communities in your image!


Even if you don't like the man - if he is allowed to be extracted like this after being given asylum, and further, extradited, it does not bode well for the future...for whistleblowers, journalists and normies alike.

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"Julian Assange 'further arrested' on behalf of the US after extradition request"

To all who doubted the threat of extradition to the US... what are you going to do now?


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- Headlines for April 3, 2019

- Rep. Ro Khanna on WH Security Clearances, Ending Support for the Saudi War in Yemen, a...

- Chicago Makes Herstory: First African-American Woman and Gay Chicago Mayor Wins in Lan...

- AMLO: How Mexico’s New Leftist President Has Navigated Corruption, Inequality, and Tru...

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Start a creative outreach stepaway from the #dotcons project and watch the old crap trubbale when you glance back. Be a part of asoughted #fashernistas to create useful social movements #OMN

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I've got a solution to the recycling problem. Pass a law that says that every company has to accept back any products they provide, when they reach end-of-life. So, for example, retailers would have to accept packaging waste back from customers, and the wholesaler that sold them the product would have to accept it back from them. Internalizing the cost of dealing with waste would motivate companies to make less disposable stuff, and find ways to make it easier to recycle:

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at this stage I really just don't have any patience for any of the arguments about whether or not adblocking is "ethical."
I'm going to block as many ads as I can. No, you can't stop me. No, if you try, I'll just leave and use some other website. No, it's not theft. No, I don't give a shit. Get off my lawn.

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@Hamishcampbell looking into this for more decentralisation options:

not sure yet if it covers your

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Apparently someone managed to call Amazon's support, tricked and convinced them into changing my account's email, ordered something, and eventually proceeded to delete my entire account.

Now Amazon's support refuses to help me for data protection reasons 😂

Looks like it's enough to know someone's address to hijack their #amazon account.

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"River Lea Oil Disaster ▶ We call for effective environmental protection for our waterways."

Open letter and online petition created and signed by:

Lea Boaters Collective; Thames21; The Green Party; The Swan Sanctuary; London Waterkeeper; NBTA London; Residential Boat Owners’ Association;
Moo Canoes; Alfred le Roy; Save Lea Marshes; Lea Rowing Club


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