- Guilty verdict but light sentence in Crown Court for Extinction Rebellion DLR protesters realmedia.press/dlr3-in-crown-

- The Great NHS Heist – an interview with Bob Gill at premiere of his new film last week realmedia.press/the-great-nhs-

- ‘Racist of the year’ award for Bolsonaro at Brazilian Embassy realmedia.press/racist-of-the-

- ‘Put The Fire Out’ protest at City investment firm, BlackRock realmedia.press/put-the-fire-o

- Oil spilled on statues at British Museum realmedia.press/oil-spilled-on

- Troy: myth and reality realmedia.press/troy-myth-and-

- ‘Creepy BP’ protest at British Museum over sponsorship realmedia.press/creepy-bp/

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