Winter Narrowboating Adventures - West Heading out of central london west on the Grand Union Canal

We need to jump through some youtube bureaucracy to get our new boating video channel full unlocked.

* First hump we need 100 subscribers

* Second hump we need 4000 hours video views and 1000 subscribers.

Would be a good help if you could play the videos and hit the subscribe button

They are good videos and meany more to come.

BREAKING: privacy complaint shows that the online ad industry has known all along that profiling plus massive data sharing does not comply with data protection laws: #fixadtech

History tells us that we need our own distribution and this core to real outreach and effectiveness will not find at this event.

The is a wilfully hopeless in this group of people focus on . Part of a series of events that take space and obscure outcome. Rinse and repeat.

The are some good content being produced by alt media groups, but the tech focus is little more than wonabe mainstream.

Both sad and bad.

The is a uuspoken that we need to talk about. If you see as human2human or data2data in the first scaling issues are inherently a good virtue. The second you would be right scaling is an issue, but the thinking is anti human and is the one pushed by our we are all a part of thus a problem that we dont acturly wont to solve in projects. Talk to a geek today about this.

"Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it" Marx is an interesting project, I use it, but it is not and likely never will be good for outreach beyond it's on the edge of "changing it" vs "philosophers" balance of the marx quote. Lets see how it flowers. I like this one at its best and and hope it can be a antedote to projects like mastodon which try and shape behaver by strong branding which is a soft form of thinking pushed by types that has real human2human problems in my view.

Hundreds of alt tech projects wither at the vine, a very few flower. Thinking about this, a pretty universally accepted way of judging what might flower and what will wither, the other people call it open source development etc. Problem terms a teenage mix of arrogance and ignorance that is universal and a self interested pushing of greed over human need. Basic stuff that it's good to have an opinion on, definitely be a bad thing not to have an opinion on ;)

In an attempt to simply the terminology in the fediverse, I propose we start referring to "instances" as "neighborhoods". Here's a short pitch:

Each neighborhood:
* Has its own set of rules.
* Has its own "guard" (sysadmin) that makes sure there are no incidents.
* Is usually (but not always) focused on a common theme.

You can send an update to:
1. A specific person.
2. Your own neighborhood.
3. Entire network.

IMO this proposal would make things about 30% easier to understand for newcomers.

My selfhosted WP blog got taken out by a spike of trafic from a post on mastodon. The is going larg

The #OMN project has some foundation funding to setup and cover the server cost of a load of #openweb servers, at the moment we are running 3 activertypub projects and a search engine as well as a few wordpress blogs. All the admin is volenetry, currently looking for a few more admins and sysadmins to get involved. if you have an interest in supporting the #openweb get in touch as we are looking to open more projects.

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Founded on #4opens and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. Its a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access their members via #openweb projects.

"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

This project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to "boost" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.
Activists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.

Mastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.
You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.
There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.

We aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.

A note on Security and Privacy - these take a somewhat different shape within the #openweb. Have a read about our thoughts on the matter.

How are OMN projects run?