The, old idea did not work due to some part of peertube implementation.

the new idea, is a steping stone to the first idea.

Use something like installed on good brodband running on old laptop and big USB hardrive.

run peertube (and anything eles intresting) as a non publised network.

then used activertypub to bring the videos into our public server.

setup a few freedombone installs.

its not proper

distribute the videos across the diffrent installs to give a little rubustness.

its crap, but will likly work and get the idea out there.

would also mean we could publish thousends of videos to

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As they would be seeded and stored on big 6GB usb hardrives in scattered around. I do not wont a centralised project... had anufe of ythem over the last 20 years, if a "normal" human being canot get involved close to the core the is something wrong

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